A murder shakes the United States: – Found dead in a drawer

A murder shakes the United States: – Found dead in a drawer

In late January, one-year-old Oakley Snow and her seven-month-old brother were reported missing.

It was their father who called the police in Cromwell, Oklahoma, USA.

He said the children were kidnapped by their mother, who had run from the police after previously being suspected of child abuse.

The father told the police that he had not seen his children since January 19.

Shocking details: – Shocked and sad

Finally taken

On Wednesday, police in Indianapolis announced the arrest of the children’s mother and her boyfriend.

Maura, 22, is currently charged with negligence resulting in death. She is also accused of negligence which resulted in serious injury.

Al-Siddiq is currently charged with child abuse, violence and committing violence in front of a minor.

died suddenly

died suddenly

Found in an abandoned house

During the news conference, police said Oakley Snow was found dead in a dresser drawer in an abandoned home in Morgantown, Indiana.

The girl was killed just a month before she turned two, according to local channel KFOR-TV.

Beaten by the police: - The worst I've seen

Beaten by the police: – The worst I’ve seen

Sitting alone on the couch

Her seven-month-old brother was found abandoned by her mother and boyfriend in a so-called “crack house” in Morgantown.

This is a house or apartment where many people gather to buy, sell and use drugs.

The boy is said to have been in good physical condition when he was found alone on the couch.

He is soon reunited with his father.

When the comrades were beaten by the police, Marius Stormo filmed the drama. Surveillance photos show police deleting the video from Stormo’s cellphone. Reporter: Jostein Sletten / Dagbladet
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Born in the “crack house”

According to the police, Oakley Snow was last seen on February 9 when she was taken from the same house where her brother was found abandoned.

Witnesses said the girl was wrapped in a blanket and appeared to be asleep or unconscious.

– The girl was not sent to the hospital that evening, the police said earlier.

Pulled the jacket - I received a shock letter

Pulled the jacket – I received a shock letter

Blame her boyfriend

Upon questioning, the mother alleged that it was her boyfriend who killed Oakley, and then tried to hide the body in the abandoned house.

It is not known how the friend will react to accusations or accusations.

Doctors were shocked: - It is growing rapidly

Doctors were shocked: – It is growing rapidly

– terrible death

In a Facebook post, the Marion County District Attorney’s Office, which charged the couple, wrote the following:

«As parents, we have a duty to protect our children. These individuals fail to take that responsibility. The charges in this case state that Oakley suffered a horrific death, while her brother was abandoned in a way no child deserves to experience.».

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