June 10, 2023


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A new favorite among shorts in Oslo Borz



Last month, the shorts at Oslo Boers gained a new favourite. Nordic Semiconductor is now at the top of the list of most shorted Børsen stocks, followed by Nel and Borr Drilling. This is clear from Finanstilsynet short history.

After negative news and analyst massacres, short interest increased sharply in North Semiconductor. At the end of April, the company provided bleak quarterly numbers and the stock fell 18 percent on the same day. The analysts’ reaction was to cut the price target sharply, and Petter Kongslie went so far as to change to a sell recommendation after the report. Now target prices range from 90 NOK to 200 NOK.

The fact that former chairman and main owner Tore Engebregsten sold the shares after the quarterly report did not add to the optimism about the stock. In May, Communications Director Katharina Fenning also sold shares. In the past month, Nordic Semiconductor’s share price has fallen 5.1 percent.

The short stake in Nordic Semiconductor increased a full 0.5 percentage point from 3.9 to 4.4 percent of outstanding shares last month.

The “short classics” remain

Nile It is still a favorite among the shorts and ranks second on the list of most shortened Børsen stocks. Among the shorts, Neil would probably tick many boxes for a good short candidate. This stake is so highly valued that DNB Markets believes the company should have a market share of approximately 50 percent to defend the company’s valuation.

The fact that Neil exceeded expectations in the first quarter did not frighten the owners of Luxor. The short stake of 3.45 percent was unchanged from April. So far this year, the share is up 3.9 percent.

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Troim reigns supreme in third place digging pits. Despite the fact that the main owner of Blackrock sold the shares for 82 million, the interest on the short fell. The short share fell from 4.3 at the end of April to 3.2 at the end of May and Borr Drilling delivered its first quarter in the red. The stock is up 9 percent in the past month and more than 50 percent so far this year.

Short test in AutoStore

Short interest in Car shop Decreased sharply from last month. At the end of April, AutoStore held the top spot with a short 5.89 percent share. The stake is now 14th with a short 0.96 percent stake.

After AutoStore provided quarterly numbers, the share gained momentum, rising by at most 27 percent on the same day. Short competition was among the explanations for the aggressive price rally and lower short stock share in May.

– This is a good example of a classic short squeeze, investment economist Mads Johansen from Nordnet told Finansavisen on April 27

Last month, AutoStore’s share rose 0.18 percent.

The most short-sold stock on the stock exchange

number a company short share
1 North Semiconductor 4.39%
2 Nile 3.45%
3 digging pits 3.23%
4 Rec silicone 2.60%
5 PGS 2.41%
6 XXL 1.85%
7 Scatec ASA 1.84%
8 norwegian forest 1.68%
9 Frontline plc 1.56%
10 Nordic Nanofactor 1.51%
11 MPC container ships 1.35%
12 Turbid carbon families 1.23%
13 under the sea 7 1.01%
14 Autostore Holdings LTD. 0.96%
15 BW LPG 0.82%
16 Nykode Therapeutics ASA 0.72%
17 2020 Blackers 0.69%
18 Kongsberg Motors 0.69%
19 Zaptec ASA 0.68%
20 Sparebanken East 0.63%
21 Kahoot! to sow 0.60%
22 Yara International 0.59%
23 BW Offshore Limited 0.58%
24 Idex Biometrics
25 Far Energy ASA 0.52%
26 Acker Horizons ASA 0.50%
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Finanstilsynet short history