December 1, 2022


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A new participant had to throw the mask away in the movie "Maskorama" - VG

A new participant had to throw the mask away in the movie “Maskorama” – VG

Revealed: Alexandra Gunner had to take off her mask during tonight’s broadcast.

Four participants were in the fire, either alone or with a “partner”. Only three qualified for the finals. It was Huldra who had to take off the mask.


There were still three men in the competition, but then there was one woman Maud Angelica “Dandy” Bean (19) Smoking last week. On Saturday, the last remaining woman withdrew from the competition.

On Saturday evening, everyone sang one song each, before performing duets with famous artists. The four who appeared without a mask are Gaute Ormåsen (39), Former winner of “Maskorama” Dedric Sully Tangin (35), Nicolin (33) and Alexandra Rutan (26).

DUET NIGHT: Nikulin (33), Alexandra Rutan (26) and Gaut Urmassen (39) with judges Jan Thomas, Nikolai Ram, Marion Raven and Elsie Cass Forrosth.

Ormåsen will sing with Ulven, Rotan with Rabagasten, Nicoline with Huldra, and Solli-Tangen with Zombien.

In tonight’s episode, Huldra has to take off her mask, while the wolf, zombie, and raptors are still there.

– He went underground

Behind the mask was the artist, actress and influencer Alexandra Johnner who hid. She jumped and danced on stage when it was finally revealed.

– This is the worst thing I have ever been involved in in my entire life. I lost my friends. I didn’t dare pick up the phone. I didn’t dare to be at a party,” said Gunner, after the mask fell.

– I’ve gone underground. It was absolutely horrible, Junner said after she lifted the mask.

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Describing herself as the worst liar “ever,” Gunner says she got ready for a week before going to the Halloween party.

– I’ve worked so hard to lie – and I looked at myself in the mirror and gave a ‘golden talk’ every Sunday morning. What is lying this week? I’ve been taking notes to get better at lying. Quite simply, I told Joner VG after I got exposed.

Revealed by Jean Thomas

Jean Thomas was the only one in the board who guessed the correct participant. 36 percent of NRK viewers guessed the same. Viewers had also guessed at Tomine Harket and Linni Meister.

Other suggestions from the studio’s detective committee were Carolyn Berg Eriksen, Ellar Lee, and Marthy Krogh.

– It’s the way you walk. the way it looks. Your whole life is a maskurama. The secret was to sit back and really listen to the sound. “You have a great voice,” said Jan Thomas, to Gunner after it was revealed.

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Joner told VG that she was touched by the feedback from Jan Thomas.

– It feels good and bad at the same time, I really wish I could go to the final. It’d be nice if you didn’t have to lie every weekend, Gunner tells VG.

Several friends and acquaintances asked if Joner was “Huldra,” but she kept her post silent.

Who do you think is hiding behind the other masks then?

I think that Rapagasten is Henrik Thodesen, the wolf is Thomas Nomi and the zombie is Bilal. I just heard them sing, and didn’t see any hint. So I really have no idea, says Junner.

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Wolf has so far got the slightest roll of the dice – and sang to the beat, according to the VG reviewer.

Even celebrities don’t know who they sang with. During the first season, Ulrikke Brandstorp (27) sang Duet with a masked celebrity. But Brandstorp was also a contestant – as it was in the end Win as Troll.

So it cannot be excluded that the celebrities mentioned tonight may also be among the masked ones.

So far, the last “battle” has begun before the final showdown next Saturday.

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