A new stage: – Winter is coming

A new stage: - Winter is coming

The war in Ukraine is entering a critical phase. Winter is coming and it will be difficult. It will be difficult for the Ukrainian people and the armed forces to fight for their freedom, and difficult for those of us who support them.

This is how NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg starts a column in a major newspaper financial times.

Our society and our solidarity will be seriously tested, as families and businesses feel the pressure caused by rising electricity prices and living costs due to the brutal Russian invasion. We face six difficult months, with threats of power cuts, unrest, and perhaps even civil disobedience, but we must persevere and stand up to tyranny β€” for Ukraine’s sake and for us, he writes.

– pay the price

He asserts that everyone is paying the price for the war in Ukraine. The difference is that Western countries pay with money, while Ukrainians pay with their lives.

He still believes it is important to maintain support for Ukraine, both for Ukraine and for the West.

If Russia stops fighting, peace will come. Stoltenberg writes that if Ukraine stops fighting, it will cease to exist as an independent country.

car explosion: The car of the deposed leader of the city of Berdyansk from Russia, Artem Bardin, exploded on September 6, 2022. Video: Twitter / Telegram. Reporter: Vigard Krueger.
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Stoltenberg also repeats a promise he has made several times since the outbreak of the war: NATO must defend every inch of the alliance’s territory.

– Prepare for winter war

In recent months, NATO has significantly strengthened its presence in the eastern parts of the alliance.

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Expressing despair

Expressing despair

NATO’s security guarantees leave no room for Moscow to misjudge our ability to defend every inch of the alliance’s territory. At the same time, he writes, they are making it possible for the Allies to support Ukraine’s right to self-defense.

However, it is clear that it will not be easy.

There are hard times ahead, but we’ve been through hard times before. The cost of not standing up for our values ​​is always greater. And he concludes that for Ukraine and for our part, we must prepare for the winter war and continue on the path.

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