A new type of drone warfare in Ukraine – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

A new type of drone warfare in Ukraine - NRK Urix - Foreign news and documentaries

It is a battle between two civilian drones as we see in the video. It must be Mavic drones. These drones are used by both Ukrainians and Russians to locate targets on the ground.

So far, they are also not known to be used to attack other drones.

On the horizon: A Ukrainian aircraft operator has spotted a Russian drone and is preparing to attack it.

Photo: Prytula / UKRMoD / Twitter

In the video, the attacker approaches the blind spot of the second drone. He lies and dives. The two drones touch.

We can see the rotor parts being thrown aside. The plane that was attacked appears unbalanced and disappears from the picture. It appears that the attacker survived the collision.

Ukrainian politician and journalist Serhiy Pretula reported on Twitter that the “shooting” took place in the Donetsk region.

Drone specialist Jarlie Musing at the Norwegian Armed Forces School

Looking to the future: Jarley Musing of the Army Arms School believes that the war in Ukraine will lead to a major change in how military organizations use drones.

Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces

also military

There are now drones with this as a special mission, says drone specialist Jarley Musing, at the Army Weapons School.

This type of UAV has been shown several times, but it should not be used in Ukraine.

– There are drones that destroy the other plane with explosives. Then both are destroyed. There are also drones that have a gripping mechanism. Then the attacker can be used again, Musing explains.

Drone Interceptor MP200

Old news: The idea of ​​using drones to destroy or capture other drones has been with us for a while. This image is from the Interceptor MP200 from 2015.

Photo: Francois Morey/AP

seldom succeeds

Both the Russians and the Ukrainians will use civilian drones for this. Defensive Analyst Samuel Bendet says on twitter About a military group operating drones in the Russian-occupied part of Ukraine’s Donetsk province.

They say there is no formal training in “drone hunting” due to the lack of drones. They have so little that they can’t intentionally destroy anything.

And when they nonetheless carry out this “hunting mission”, it often ends up destroying the attacker as well.

Screenshot of a drone pilot's control screen

Target destruction: a Ukrainian drone operator found a Russian armored vehicle. The artillery gets its position and the vehicle comes under fire.

Photo: Ukraine Ministry of Defense

important in combat

Drones are widely used in Ukraine. From large aircraft-like attack aircraft, to the smallest surveillance drones.

Presumably, the most common drone in Ukraine are small drones with a camera Mavic from the Chinese company DJI.

A small drone hung in the air but a man in the background.

Norwegian and Very Small: The Black Hornet UAV was donated to Ukraine. It is so small that it can be used to inspect homes from the inside.

Photo: Alexander Nordby/NRK

They are used to find out what the enemy wants and where they are. They are important tools in correcting artillery fire. That is, observing where the shells fall and how the guns must be adjusted to hit the target.

Soldiers use drones to survey or defend the terrain through which they must move. They are also used as carriers of small grenades that are dropped on enemy targets.

The drone was equipped with a grenade by a Ukrainian soldier

Used for many purposes: The war in Ukraine has also been called drone warfare because of its widespread use. Here, Ukrainian soldiers placed a grenade on a civilian drone.

Photo: Juan Barreto/AFP

gotta stop them

Being discovered by a drone operator in Ukraine may mean that you will soon be exposed to artillery fire.

– Musing explains that making sure such drones cannot operate freely in the airspace above you has become important.

He says that military organizations have seen what is happening in Ukraine, and that the use of dedicated “drones” will increase in scope significantly.

I suppose in the future military departments will have swarms of such defensive drones that attack hostile drones entering their area of ​​responsibility, says Musing.

Ukrainian soldier with a drone

Important tool: Ukrainian soldier with a drone. A large number of these drones are in use. For a soldier on the ground, it is as if he had a flying binoculars. It can give an important advantage.

Photo: Andrew Kravchenko/AP

attack yourself

There are now many studies of so-called swarms of drones. In other words, groups of drones working together. It is possible that the defense of drones on a military department would be such a squadron.

– It cannot be controlled from second to second by humans. There is a lot. It should be somewhat independent. In other words, they are managing themselves, Musing explains.

He believes that it will be necessary for the drones to attack other drones without being ordered by humans.

– This can be done by your drones sending a separate identification code. Drones that don’t do this automatically become targets, Musing says.

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