A pregnant woman dies in a car accident


July 11, 2021 – 12:15 p.m. Clock

Dad reaches out to the public on Facebook

This is the Facebook post that will make you swallow: 22-year-old Samantha Russell died of her own fault in a car accident in Wichita, Kansas – the perpetrators ran away from police. The young woman is heavily pregnant and doctors cannot save the mother, but they can give birth to her baby alive!

The baby escapes from a road accident in the womb

“Words can’t describe the feelings that go through your head, considering what happened at 5:30 am on July 6th,” 21-year-old Papa Brandon Russell writes on Facebook. He also posts a photo of how he holds his newborn son Mac in his arms. “Sammy was taken from us, but he left us the most wonderful gift of his life,” Brandon continues. His wife and Baby Mack’s mother did not escape the car crash. She can never hug her baby.

Pregnant Samantha has no chance

A 22-year-old mother in Wichita is driving her car when an accident occurs: suspicious robbers run away from police and drive through a red light, then collide with the young woman’s car at a crossroads. Samantha is 33 weeks pregnant, just weeks before the planned birth. First responders can no longer do anything for the mother, but miraculously her unborn son survives in her womb.

“Samantha would have been a wonderful mother”

In his passionate words on Facebook, Brandon, who suddenly became a widow and father the same day, writes: “He will always be my wife and the person I turn to when I need advice or have silly questions. I love you, Samantha Russell.”

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Friends started a fundraising campaign for the family. In a very short period of time, hundreds of people have donated more than $ 40,000 in total, at least to take some financial concerns from Brandon and his son Mac. (kku)

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