A private plane crashed in the Baltic Sea

A private plane crashed in the Baltic Sea

Latest: The plane crashed in the Baltic Sea at 19.47. On 20.09 Aftonbladet reported that wrecks and oil spills were found at sea.

A private plane cannot be contacted and fears it will crash off the coast of the Swedish island of Gotland, according to reports Today’s News (DN).

At 19.44 the plane was flying in a spiral pattern and rapidly losing altitude over the Baltic Sea off the coast of Latvia.

The plane was on its way to Cologne, but instead of landing there, the plane continued its direction in Swedish airspace. This is at the same time that the German authorities are not communicating with him.

Spiral Pattern: The Cessna eventually began flying in a spiral pattern, before disappearing from the tracking pages. Map: Flightradar24
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The worst-case scenario is that it runs until the fuel runs out, says Lars Antonson at DN’s main Swedish rescue center.

According to the TT news agency, there were four people on board.

to me picture It took off from southern Spain. When it did not land in Cologne, the German Air Force sent the Tornado fighter on its wings, but this had to turn around on the island of RĂ¼gen on the Baltic Sea.

The Danes also sent fighter planes to find out what was wrong. But neither they nor the Germans saw anyone in the cockpit.

At 19.30, according to Flightradar24, the plane passed the southern tip of Jutland and was heading northeast towards Estonia and Russia.

At the same time, the aircraft loses altitude.

At 19.37 the plane almost abruptly veered. 45 degrees to the right, it is now on its way to Riga, Latvia’s capital – but soon after changing lanes again and turning left sharply.

Cessna is owned by an Austrian company.

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