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Psykiater Randi Rosenqvist

Psychiatry wants volunteer patients who can be treated quickly. I think this is a big problem for the community, Rosenquist continues.

She was a guest Dagsnytt 18 Friday night Among others, Minister of Health and Maintenance Services Invild Kerkol (Labor Party).

Kansberg accused Espen Anderson Breton is now being evaluated by experts to find out if he is smart.

One has to realize that some patients do not recover from psychiatry for two weeks or two months, but require long-term care, even under compulsion, Rosenquist says.

He also criticizes attitudes in psychiatry that coercion is “cruel.”

– The ideology that has prevailed for the last twenty years is that coercion in psychiatry is cruel and that everything must be voluntary, that some who are not autonomous consent to their own investigation and treatment is destructive. Rosenquist says we have somehow failed to function badly.

The NRK announced today that the PST had already received its first warning of a Kansberg offender in 2015. In 2018, they reported to the health service that the person was dangerous and said they needed to investigate how it was complied with. PST thought he had “major mental challenges”.

Police believe the suspicion that psychiatry was behind the murder in Kansberg has been strengthened. The 37-year-old admits to the facts, but does not take a stand on the crime. The police have put this in relation to the mental state.

Kerkol: The health service is inadequate

Health Minister Invild Kerkol agrees that health services in Norway are not adequate to deal with critically ill patients.

She hopes to see the conversation with the police.

– In a very independent sense, we have reason to see seriously ill people who may be dangerous to their environment. Kerkol at Doxnit 18 says the health service there today is inadequate, which has been documented by other cases and other documents.

-I agree with what Rosenquist says, and there will be those who will need long-term follow-up and have a bad chance of ending their mental illness. We need to look at this, says Kerkol.

Archery in Kansberg

Police were outside the grocery store where police first met with the accused on Wednesday this week. He shot arrows at police and escaped.

Photo: Sicily S. Anderson / NRK

– Failure between the health service and the police

The national leader in mental health, Jill Earl, responded harshly that the culprit had not been caught before in Kansberg.

– Because we are working properly, the systems need to work, here is the obvious system failure. It is serious and tragic, but they will use the opportunity to thank the mentally ill in Kansberg for opening their doors and getting those in need of that support, says Eulet.

She believes there was a failure to communicate between the police and the health service.

– It is very worrying that no further risk assessments have been made in this case, says Aird.

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– Is it a case of releasing the case after the police report the case to the health service? The questions that need to be asked in this context are a bit important, he says.

The Minister of Health is confronted with Arild’s statements.

– Is there a systemic failure between the health service and the police?

– I think this is a protection for mental health. That is one of the reasons why I spoke to the Minister of Justice about the fact that there are unresolved needs. “We need to create services and look at the responsibility between the police and the health service for the most requested cases,” Kerkol said.

Picture of the area where the killings took place in Kansberg

On Wednesday, five people were killed and three wounded in Kansberg. Espen Anderson, 37, was attacked. Picture of the area where the killings took place in Kansberg.

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