May 29, 2023


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A tanker went into the ditch

The incident happened near the Norsjo sawmill and planer in Mid-Telemark.

The driver got out of the car and said that the tank was filled with approximately 25 tons of cold nitrogen.

Hence a safety distance of 50 meters from the vehicle is set.

Work will continue throughout the evening.

Photo: Ragnar Luras / NRK

Closed for several hours

National highway 36 is completely closed between Gvarv and Ulefoss.

– It is difficult to say how long it will take, says Marius Dale, the incident leader of the police at the scene.

Marius Dale, Project Manager.

Marius Dale, the chief of police at the scene.

Photo: Ragnar Luras / NRK

The fire service reported that the contents and pressure of the tank were completely stable and no leakage had occurred.

There is no risk of explosion and it is not dangerous to evacuate nearby houses.

The driver is being treated by paramedics, but is not believed to be seriously injured.

– A new tanker is on its way to pick up cargo. Dale says a tow truck will help remove the tanker from the ditch.


A detour is indicated via County Road 359 about Lunde.

– It should be relatively short, but lorry trains can drive with caution, reports Vegtrafiksentralen.

The cause of the accident is unknown.

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