A very special Norwegian battery manufacturer relies on its own technology

A very special Norwegian battery manufacturer relies on its own technology

Svein Kvernstuen is the founder of the Norwegian battery factory, which is quite unlike the others. In fact, completely different. They have developed their very own technology which is a combination of a lithium ion battery and a super capacitor. They may not provide the capacity of conventional lithium-ion batteries, but they can provide enormous power. In and out up to 150 times faster than regular batteries. In addition, it can withstand more than one hundred thousand cargo bikes. Both will break any battery in an electric car.

20 TWh in the long term

But it’s not the electric cars that the Beyonder is targeting. However, analysts believe that the technology they take up will make up about ten percent of the total battery market. It will grow to 20 TWh within two decades.

When you can save the same amount of power as with Beyonder batteries, it also opens up new markets. They are needed in the mains to take rapid oscillations. When a small portion of a large battery can include such batteries, they can be repaid in half the time. The same applies to the charging infrastructure, which is already a bottleneck in Norway.

Activated charcoal from Norwegian wood chips

With Beyonder batteries as buffers, developers don’t have to call for such a big impact and that’s where a big chunk of the cost lies. Heavy transport and construction machines struggle with little of the same problem. It should work continuously and can’t stand for a long time in the charging state. If they could be loaded in a very short time, the economy would be completely different. Renewable energy needs voltage and frequency regulation and is another big market.

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An important raw material in Beyond batteries is activated carbon, which they make themselves. From Norwegian wood chips! So here we are really talking about Norwegian value creation.

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Usually, technically, it’s posted every Thursday afternoon.

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