A Widero flight from Bergen to Trondheim was struck by lightning. Had to return.

A Widero flight from Bergen to Trondheim was struck by lightning.  Had to return.

Passenger Morten Rygh says the Widerøe plane was struck by lightning three to five minutes after takeoff from Flesland.

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Morten Rygh says he was flying from Flesland to Trondheim with Widerøe engine WF 1303 when the plane had to turn back on Friday morning after a lightning strike on board.

– It's a perfectly normal departure until it happens. After a while, Raik tells the flight attendant that there is no danger in the loudspeaker and that this is what the plane was made for.

This is the route WF1303 flew on Friday morning.  The flight was scheduled to fly from Flesland to Trondheim.

– How was the atmosphere on the plane?

– It was quiet. It's probably a cool group of northerners and trønders, says Ryke in a humorous tone.

– How did you behave?

– I'm really blown away. I looked at the person sitting next to me and continued to read PT's e-newspaper, says Raik.

– What is happening now?

– We sit and wait in Flesland. “We were told the plane had to return to Flesland for a technical check,” said Raik, who works as a printer at Bergens Detente in Drottningsvik.

He is going to Trondheim this weekend to visit family.

Confirms lightning strike

Widerøe confirms BT lightning strike.

– We can confirm that WF1303, due to fly from Bergen to Bodø via Trondheim earlier today, had to turn back to Bergen due to a lightning strike. It's about one of our jets. The captain described everything as normal, but the lightning strike was felt in the form of strong thunder and lightning, press officer Sada Sreedharan writes via email to BT.

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– However, airplanes are built to withstand lightning strikes. All our aircraft, (both jet and propeller aircraft), are equipped with standard dischargers. These reduce the build-up of static charge on the battery and thus act as lightning conductors during a lightning strike, the journal Watchdog writes.

Technical study

– However, after a lightning strike, the aircraft must undergo a technical inspection to ensure that there is no damage before flying again. In Bergen, we have a technology base and skilled technicians, Sridharan writes and continues:

– We still understand that lightning strikes can be uncomfortable for those on board. The captain announced to passengers and was ready to answer any questions at the door when passengers disembarked.

According to the press service, passengers will now be rebooked for the nearest possible departures. Widerøe apologizes for the delay to passengers.

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