A woman stole a car with her baby in the back seat

A woman stole a car with her baby in the back seat

A woman was driving in Los Angeles with her daughter when she had to stop along the road due to a punctured tire.

A car trip suddenly became one of those you will soon forget.

Just as she was about to look at the tire, another woman appeared who jumped in the car and drove off while her child was still in the back seat.

It’s reports ABC.

I tracked the car myself

The mother got a phone and immediately called the local police while they monitored her car.

Her mobile phone was left in the car, this way she can track the phone and know where the car is.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles Police Department chased the car for several hours before they finally got it.

The car was then abandoned in the town of Peel, and inside the car the little boy was found healthy and sound.

“The child and mother have been reunited at Southeast Station and we are pleased to report that the child was in good spirits and unharmed,” the Los Angeles Police said in a statement.

Praised by the police

The woman who escaped by car was found shortly after leaving the car. She has now been arrested for allegedly stealing a car with a baby in it.

LAPD brags about the mother for quickly following her vehicle and the efforts of the police and the local community that helped identify the suspect.

– This resulted in the arrest of a criminal and, most importantly, a mother was reunited with her child, police said in a statement.

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