A woman was killed by a shark in South Africa

A woman was killed by a shark in South Africa

The local authorities received a report of the incident before 08:00 on Sunday morning, writes Independent.

A rescue operation was launched at sea, which led to the discovery of the dead woman.

A 39-year-old woman from Cape Town, a voluntary organization called the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI).

The Independent writes that the police have started an investigation.

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– Very unusual

The attack was reported to have taken place along the coast on the Central Coast, south of the town of Plettenberg Bay. The beach was closed to the public the next day due to the incident.

At the same time, the NSRI and local authorities have urged caution if sailing along the coastline between Plettenberg Bay and the Southern Cape.

– Our beaches may seem to have a lot of shark activity right now. This is highly unusual compared to previous years, NSRI said in a press release.

Sunday’s incident is not the first shark attack in South Africa this year. According to the Independent, two swimmers were killed by sharks in April. A body later turned up on the beach in Durban.

Low risk

However, wherever you are in the world, the risk of being attacked by a shark is very low.

Latest Report International Shark Attack Archive (ISAF) A total of 137 shark attacks were recorded worldwide in 2021 – nine of which were fatal.

According to ISAF, there has been a decline in the number of deaths resulting from such attacks over the years.

– Some attacks are usually due to human error, or because the shark misunderstands us and its prey, Fredrik Myhre, marine biologist and head of WWF’s marine group, told Dagbladet earlier this year. Shark attack near Norway.

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