About 30 people are trapped in Jan Mayan – Viji

About 30 people are trapped in Jan Mayan - Viji

A delegation to John Mayon had to stay a week longer on the Arctic island than planned because he had left Kabul. – Armed forces spokesman says they see their role.


Recently, Norwegian authorities and the Armed Forces have been working hard to rescue Norwegian civilians and other people expelled from Kabul.

With the expulsion from Afghanistan, the Armed Forces had to suspend a delegation of about 30 people from the Arctic island of John Mayon. It writes N.R.K.

It was planned to bring out the crew with the C-130 transport aircraft on Monday this week, but operations in Afghanistan were given priority. Based on that, the stay has been significantly extended, says Iver Moin to Viji, a spokesman for the Lieutenant Colonel and the Armed Forces Operations Headquarters (FOH).

John Mayan is located on the border between the Norwegian Sea and the Greenland Sea, about 1000 kilometers west of the mainland of Norway.

– There is understanding

One of those he stayed with was Tom Cato Carlsen, the state administrator in the Northland. He tells the NRK to do a survey and explore the island.

– Carlson says we now have the unique opportunity to do this work significantly more than we had before. N.R.K.

According to the NRK, the travel team includes representatives from both the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Justice, the Police, the Norwegian Environment Agency, the National Heritage Board and the Polar Institute.

Ivar Moyan tells Viji that he was in touch with the Armed Forces delegation later today. He says they were positive and in a good mood.

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– They see their role and have a full understanding of the priorities that underline the fact that they still exist.

– We had a good conversation with them and they gave feedback that they were well taken care of by the staff at Jan Mayen station, says Moen.

SPEAKER: Iver Moen, Lieutenant Colonel and Spokesman for the Armed Forces Headquarters (FOH).

Taken by the Coast Guard

John Mayon has no permanent residents, but both the Armed Forces and the Meteorological Agency are stationed on the island.

Moen says both personnel, equipment and supplies will usually be shipped to the station with a C-130 type transport aircraft.

– Weather and climate are also compelling conditions that we have to travel to, he says.

The Armed Forces have now sent a ship from the Coast Guard to bring the delegation home early next week.

– Under normal conditions, it takes two and a half days, and he says, the Norwegian delegation will return to the mainland mostly in the middle of the week.

It is not clear how long the delegation was on the island.

Correction: An earlier version of the case stated that John Mayen was located about 1000 km west of mainland Norway. The correct is 1000 kilometers.

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