About “Exit” “Krigsseileren” current Wilmann – the truth is not better

About "Exit" "Krigsseileren" current Wilmann - the truth is not better

Toronto (Daily): of Mary Willman Will be shown well again on screen and off screen in the future. Before Christmas, he appeared in the Netflix movie “Troll.” After that, he appeared in the cinema classic “People and Robbers in Cardamom Pie”. Then, in the new year, he returns in season three of the audience magnet “Exit.”

But first he will be seen in the 100 million epic “Krigsseileren”, which will have its official premiere during the Toronto festival.

Willman (37) talks about her busy day-to-day life.

Ready for Premiere: “Krikseeleran” is releasing on September 23. Ine Marie Wilman plays one of the main roles. Photo: Stian Servos / More Image
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– Every now and then I think to myself: “I’m playing stupid in a burning world.” Then comes some projects that are very close to my heart. “Krigsseileren” is like that, she adds with Dagbladet on Lake Ontario.

“Relevant, important and engaging is great,” he describes.

– Reminds you of the power of fiction when so many comment, “Finally our story is being told.” Willman says it can help and heal wounds that politics doesn’t cause, people don’t cause.

New season: In the new year

New season: In the new year comes the third season of “Get Out”. Photo: Fremantle / NRK.
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Civil war

Gunnar Wicken’s “War Sailor” depicts sailors caught at the front when World War II broke out. In the house sat women like Wilman’s character, Cecilia. That is, she did not sit: she – and thousands with her – stood and ran, worked and whipped.

And therein lies much of the appeal, thinks Wilman, a mother of two.

– The 37-year-old says of her character that when her husband is stranded at sea, she ends up entirely responsible for the future.

– It is a huge responsibility – which many women stand on. It’s a war film with almost no uniforms – about ordinary people trying to survive against all odds.

– Why are you being invited to Toronto now? Isn’t there enough war and suffering in the world?

– I was very happy when we were invited. Because it gives the impression that we are not making a film about the war in Norway.

Willman addresses the question between skyscrapers.

– We have created a play that shows the consequences of war and the trauma of war, which is unfortunately very topical, she continues.

– Disrupting your life is something that people all over the world have always experienced. The film also acknowledges what war sailors and their families went through. And it carries with it a recognition of what women have carried and stood for. It’s an under-told story.

Party: “Exit” producer Peter Testman-Koch shared details about the recording of the big masquerade party in Season 2. Video: Road Looper/NRK TV
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Fall by itself without hindrance

The NRK event “Exit” has few parallels, except that he plays against Paul Sverre Hagen. According to Wilman, none of the cast or crew thought the portrait of the unregulated Oslo financial environment would turn out so big.

– That applies throughout Scandinavia, he clarifies.

– When I meet Danish colleagues, they say: “I love that ‘exit’!”

Exit: Cool and Hult: In spring,

Exit: Cool and Hult: In the spring, Wilman returns as Celine Berqui in the series “Exit.” Photo: Fremantle/NRK
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– What does it say about modern Norway that the series is so popular?

– What I like is that we see a part of Norway that is often admired as “self-made people” and who should be justified because they somehow earned that kind of lifestyle. I think it’s great that we’ve succeeded in satire. The reality is no better than the series – quite the opposite.

– But do mainstream fans understand that this is satire?

– Well, I also meet a lot of people who think it’s really cool. They want to live that life. They want to join extra people because they want to relate to those people and be like them. Then I’ll be like this…

– “What planet are you from?”

– Yes, most of the series shows how incredibly hollow it is, how little humanity it has. But these hedonists are beyond rules and regulations, and there’s something about being glamorous and stylish at the same time. Anyway, at least my figure is in free fall. Behind the shiny medals lie many flaws.

KYSTFOLK BIG MOVIE: Willman plays the tried-and-tested Cecilia in the record-breaking war drama Kaw Bergen.  Photo: More Film

KYSTFOLK BIG MOVIE: Willman plays the tried-and-tested Cecilia in the record-breaking war drama Kaw Bergen. Photo: More Film
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To a psychologist

Willman reveals that Celine went to a psychologist to get a better handle on Berwick.

– I have a super psychologist friend who I often use to discuss my statistics as a case. Before the first season, we saw how such a person works.

– What did she say about Celine?

– He talked about his experiences from such circles, the differences between old and new wealth and what signs you see where. Although this is an extreme environment, many are still transplanted. I’m trying to create a whole person, I need to protect my image – I can’t get her out.

– How much are you in the picture?

– I actually meet a lot of people who take a long time to realize that it’s me playing “Exit”. I take that as a compliment. People who know me think it’s funny to see me like that because it’s so far from who I am.

– What can we expect from the third round?

Wilman smiles slyly over jet lag coffee.

– It won’t be bright. That’s all I can reveal.

dialectical method

Wilman graduated from the Theater Academy in 2011. All she had to do was agree on the fourth try. He planned his acting career early.

– I decided at the age of five, she laughs.

– We played “Reveinga” in kindergarten. I still remember the feeling that my own reality stopped, and I somehow felt freer in games than in life. It’s like being in a space where anything can happen and there are no boundaries.

More Big Roles: In Mary Willman from 2018

More Big Roles: In Mary Wilman has played the lead role in the movie “Sonja” since 2018. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTP
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Before “Krigsseileren,” she must have gone “all the way” to master the leaps of dialect. Bærum woman Wilmann Kao operated on and off the film during filming in Bergen. Later director Vigne and producer Maria Egerhovt both trained from that side.

– It often does not want to break the illusion. It’s pretty devastating if the audience sits back and thinks: “There’s something wrong here,” he explains.

– After all, this story takes place in Bergen. That’s where the submarines of the German Navy were. The whole starting point is the story of the coastal people – that’s very important.

Bombed school

– “Krigsseileren” is the most expensive Norwegian film. Does it bring added pressure?

– I never realized that – I mean this as a compliment – when we were recording. We were still wearing rubber boots in a windmill in Askøy, confusingly similar to a student production. Norwegian has one that I like: you pee behind a bush and change in a shed.

Collaboration: In Marie Willman stars with Christopher Jonar in the new film.  Photo: Roxana Reiss / More Film

Collaboration: In Marie Willman stars with Christopher Jonar in the new film. Photo: Roxana Reiss / More Film
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– After the Toronto virus, will there be an anti-climax with the Norwegian premiere on September 23?

– What do you know, we will be in Bergen and I will meet Gunner’s cousin who survived the Holen school bombing in Luxevac. So to be able to come “home” with the film feels tremendous.

– Do you also speak Bergen?

– I think so. But then my husband is into it, and I try to let him off the hook a little bit.

Luxury: The villa where William’s character lives in the NRK series “Exit” can be yours. Photo: Arne Schramm/Inviso
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Wilman — who is in the middle of filming the second season of the suspense series “Furia” — is smiling in the late summer of the Canadian-Indian.

– He has to endure a lot, poor man. But we’ve been together for 18 years, so he’s been involved in most of it.

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