About Princess Madeleine: – You will have to

About Princess Madeleine: – You will have to

Ever since news arrived that Princess Madeleine, 41, Chris O'Neill, 49, and their three children were moving to Sweden, Swedes have been waiting in anticipation.

He shares the rare photo

He shares the rare photo

It remains to be seen what the Swedish princess's new life will be like. Svensk Damtidning editor-in-chief Johan T. Linwall believes that “Madde”'s life will be turned upside down.


  • Princess Madeleine, Chris O'Neill and their three children will move from the United States to Sweden this summer.
  • The children will start Swedish school in the fall.
  • This move means that the princess will participate more in official functions, believes the editor-in-chief of the magazine Svensk Damtiding, Johan T. Lindwall.
  • The family will live in an apartment in Hofstalet, Stockholm.

– very Difficult

The Princess and O'Neill have been living in the latter's homeland in the United States, specifically Florida, since 2018.

The family will be in place over the summer, with Princess Leonore (10), Prince Nicola (9) and Princess Adrian (6) starting Swedish school in the fall.

according to Swedish women's magazine The couple's move will take place in several stages.

Blem live:Princess Madeleine was visiting her native Sweden. During the interview at the opening, things go a little wrong for the princess. Video: Billy T. Nelson.

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The fact that the princess's family is now transporting moving cargo across the pond from the US to Sweden will mean Swedes will be able to see more of Princess Madeleine on royal duties, says Svensk Damtiding editor-in-chief Johan T. Lindwall.

– You will have to assume responsibility, carry out official tasks, and appear in various organizations to a greater extent than in the United States. We will see Madeleine being very hardworking, I am convinced of that. Lindwall believes there will be more demands on her now.

She appeared after her husband's death

She appeared after her husband's death

Moreover, the editor-in-chief explains that this will not necessarily be easy for the youngest daughter of the royal couple.

– She finds it very difficult to attract public attention, but now that she has moved home to Stockholm, she will have no excuses not to take on official duties.

-If you don't do it in the fall, it will look very strange.

This is where they will live

Princess Madeleine has been away from home for a long time. In 2010, she moved to New York, but many believe that she will soon return to their homeland.

But the Swedes would be wrong. Maddy is married with three children in the United States.

Married: In 2013, the Swedish princess married American Chris O'Neill.  Photo: Willy Schneider/REX/NTB

Married: In 2013, the Swedish princess married American Chris O'Neill. Photo: Willy Schneider/REX/NTB
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Now, 14 years later, she is saying goodbye to life in the United States and returning to royal life.

Shortly after it was learned that the princess's family was moving to Sweden, speculation began about where they would settle.

Many believed that Villa Lovisenberg was a natural place for the family to settle. The villa is a 1860s yellow house in the park of Ulriksdal Castle, where close friends of the royal family Hans Erik and Eva Benita Brodin lived until 2021.

abnormal: Princess Madeleine and her family have returned to Sweden, showing a rare side to the Swedish Christmas tree tradition. Video: Swedish News Agency
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However, the court's information director, Margareta Thorgren, denied the rumours, revealing that Maddie and Chris will be moving into an apartment in Hofstalet, central Stockholm.

The area includes a total of ten buildings, some of which are residential complexes.

according to Aftonbladet It is King Carl Gustaf (78 years old) who decides who is allowed to live in these apartments – and the royals do not have to pay for the accommodation.

Princess Madeleine previously lived in the apartment the family will now move into, and Hofstallet has also been the family's home base each time they have visited Sweden in recent years.

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