Accidents and Accidents, Tonsberg | Death of a person due to a vehicle accident – the road is closed

Accidents and Accidents, Tonsberg |  Death of a person due to a vehicle accident - the road is closed

At 6:00 a.m. on Monday, police responded to a traffic accident in Tunisberg, Pionivian.

– The emergency services have just arrived at the scene, the police tweeted shortly after.

– It’s about a four-wheel drive vehicle that crashed into a tree. 1 person shared.

Road closed

Police tweeted shortly after that it was likely a serious personal injury, and that health workers were working with the person in question.

It turned out that the tree the ATV had hit was lying on the other side of the road when the collision occurred. Emergency services will be working at the scene for a period of time and the road is closed until further notice, police tweeted between 6 and 30 am.

Veitrafikksentralen also announced on Monday morning that Bjuneveien has been closed to all traffic until further notice. It is estimated that it will take some time before the road is reopened.

Many accidents

A car crashed into a big tree. Paramedics helped us at the scene. The road has been closed after the accident between the Odegaarden junction and Kopp, says fire chief Thomas Nordby.

Emergency services are still on the scene. The ATV driver was pronounced dead, with police tweeting at 7.30am.

Until now, it is not clear what happened. So work is being done on site Monday morning and in the morning to clear this up.

Also on Sunday night there were a number of accidents in the area, many of them due to extremely slippery roads. You can read more on this topic here..

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