Accidents, you’ll see | Fire on a clay ball in Stryn – everyone evacuated

Accidents, you’ll see |  Fire on a clay ball in Stryn – everyone evacuated

110 Vest reports just over 8 p.m. Saturday about a room fire on a mud ball in Stryn.

The commander of the guard at 110 West, Morten Frantzen, told Verda on 20.07 that open flames had been reported in the quilt.

Our attempt to fight fires in the city was unsuccessful, says Franzen.

Smoke divers in the city

Frantzen was informed that there were 30 people in the camp and that they had all been evacuated.

We know very little about the threat of spread now. They left the fire in a closed room, so we don’t know if it will subside on its own or spread, until we get to town, he said.

At 20.15, 110 Vest reported that firefighters had arrived in town and smoke divers were entering the room to put out the fire.

110 Vest at 20.20 indicates that the fire has been put out and ventilation has begun. They also reported that none of the people at the camp ball had inhaled the smoke.

Limited to one room

Stein Ron Hallreker, director of operations at the Police Operations Center, told Firda that the fire had been put out and that it was confined to one room.

– There are some things that have wells, he says.

According to the police, 31 people, 24 children and 5 adults, must be evacuated.

No one is missing out and everyone is ready for it. We’re now in town with the fire crew and investigating the cause of the fire, the operations center says.

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