Accused of ordering murder – subject to the death penalty

Accused of ordering murder - subject to the death penalty

A man accused of murder is said to have escaped custody in Lauderdale, Alabama, CBS News reports. Casey Cole White is accused of so-called premeditated murder, which means he faces the death penalty if found guilty according to the charge.

missing officer

according to CBS News White is described as armed and extremely dangerous. He is said to have escaped with a female officer in the sheriff’s office.

She is said to have told her officemates that she was going to drive White for a psychiatric evaluation.

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Shortly thereafter, the officer’s patrol car was found in the parking lot of a mall, and no one caught it. The officer was armed with a pistol, which makes the police consider that it is possible that Cole White herself was armed.

breaking the rules

According to US media, it was not clear whether the officer had kidnapped White or if he was involved in helping him escape.

The mayor’s office notes that he should have been accompanied by two officers during this type of transfer, and that the officer in any case committed a violation of the rules by transporting him alone.

In a message on its Facebook page, the Lauderdale Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to stay away if they see him, and to call 911.

for murder

American Gasden Times Reports said that in 2019 White was sentenced to 75 years in prison on two counts of kidnapping and attempted murder after trying to kill his girlfriend and kidnapping her two roommates.

In 2020, the murder charge was dropped. He is accused of murder after a woman was found in her apartment in 2015.

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