Accused Trump: – Reveals: – No one should know

Accused Trump: – Reveals: – No one should know

The eyes of the whole world were focused on former US President Donald Trump (76) last week.

On Tuesday, the New York attorney general indicted Trump, becoming the first former US president to be charged in a criminal case.

The indictment mainly related to falsifying accounts, including by improperly accounting for paying so-called “hush money” to pornographic actress Stormy Daniels so that she would not tell of a sexual relationship they had.

Now Daniels is opening up about the case and explaining why she accepted Trump’s money.

Former President Donald Trump spoke in Florida after his court appearance. Video: Reuters.
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– angry at myself

it is in Exclusive interview With British broadcaster Piers Morgan that Daniels got the magazine out of his mouth this time.

When I saw him in the courtroom, I thought, “Finally someone else will decide.” The king lost his throne. It is no longer impenetrable. “Nobody should be immune,” she says in the interview.

When asked what she thought of a possible prison sentence, she replied:

– I do not think that the offense committed against me is sufficient to imprison anyone, but if he is found guilty of any of the other charges, he should certainly be sentenced to imprisonment. If not, it opens the door for others to get away with things, too. The actor replies that it is a big deal.

Accused on 34 counts

In addition to the indictment for account fraud, Trump is under investigation for, among other things, attempting to change the results of the 2020 election and illegally storing classified documents.

Daniels is also opening up about an incident where she allegedly was paid by the former president to keep quiet, which allegedly happened in a Trump hotel suite in 2006.

– There was no disapproval on my part. I take responsibility. I didn’t lead him into it and I didn’t flirt. He didn’t force himself on me, but I was shocked. I still struggle with my feelings about it, she says, adding that she “felt nauseous and angry with herself” afterward.

Paid: Trump is said to have paid porn actor Stormy Daniels nearly NOK 1.4 million to shut his mouth.  Photo: AP/NTB

Paid: Trump is said to have paid porn actor Stormy Daniels nearly NOK 1.4 million to shut his mouth. Photo: AP/NTB
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Ten years later, in 2016, Trump reportedly transferred $130,000 — the equivalent of NOK 1.4 million — to Daniels so she would shut her mouth about the affair she says she had with Trump.

The alleged “hush money” was paid via Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen just weeks before the presidential election in 2016, and is said to have been a way to improve Trump’s chances of winning the presidential election in 2016 — which he later did.

– I accepted the money because I didn’t want anyone to know about it, Daniels claims in an interview with Morgan.

- quite grotesque

– quite grotesque

He denies the criminal charge

In a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday, a 34-point score was read out to Trump The 16-page indictment Which relates to commercial fraud and account fraud.

Trump denies criminal charges on all counts, and alleges the indictment against him is an attempt to interfere in next year’s presidential election.

I never thought something like this could happen in the United States. The only crime I have committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who would seek to destroy it. Our legal system has become outlawed. (…) They have no work, and they know it. The real criminal here is the New York Attorney General, Trump said from the stand shortly after the court session.

IN COURT: Former President Donald Trump is pictured with his defenders in court on Tuesday.  Photo: AP/NTB

IN COURT: Former President Donald Trump is pictured with his defenders in court on Tuesday. Photo: AP/NTB
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The next court session is scheduled for December 4. The attorney general wants the actual trial against Trump to begin at the beginning of January 2024, while Trump’s lawyers believe the trial should begin in the spring, NTB writes.

No matter when the trial begins, Daniels wants to testify against Trump.

– I have nothing to hide. I’m the only one who told the truth. No one can put more shame on me now, she says and adds that she would appear untrustworthy if she did not explain herself to the court.

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