Ackerley’s son confirms his relationship with a colleague 11 years younger than him

Ackerley’s son confirms his relationship with a colleague 11 years younger than him

Actor Eben Akerli (34 years old) is currently of great interest on television, as a participant in the upcoming season of “Kompani Lauritzen”.

And she set the stage Thursday for the first concert in Oslo, where participants came to celebrate. Most of them did not come alone, including Ackerley.

Lauritzen Company: These are the celebrities who will be taking part in the fourth season. Reporter/Video: Selina Morquin and Tia Hope
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She brought with her actor Jacob Fort (23 years old) who is known from TV shows such as “Blank” and “Festing”. The 34-year-old confirms to Se og Hør that the two are a couple.

He was VG Whoever mentioned it first.

Complete confusion about the broken engagement

It has long been speculated whether Ackerley and Fort found the tune.

She tells Se og Hør that they’ve been together for a while, but she doesn’t like to talk about it much. This is the first time the couple has met at a public event.

Lauritzen Company: See the first photos from “Kompanie Lauritzen”. Video: TV 2 – “Company Lauritzen”

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Akerlie became famous for movies like ‘The Pond of the Dead’ and ‘Victoria’. In the latter film, a film adaptation of Knut Hamsun’s book of the same name, she played opposite Jakob Oftebro (37).

Ackerli and Oftibro were lovers for four years, but they broke up in 2017.

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