Actions are Suggestions: – The time to strike is over

Actions are Suggestions: - The time to strike is over

The epidemic in Bergen is not over, but it is at a new stage, city councilor Roger Wallhammer (Labor) told a news conference.

Despite high infection rates, the disease load is not as large as before.

– Due to many vaccines, the risk of serious illness and death is significantly reduced. He says there has been almost no increase in the number of hospital admissions recently, despite higher infection rates.

The City Council has therefore decided to proceed with all regulated activities, but only as recommendations.

– Shutdown timed out. We can’t close the city so that adults who are not vaccinated are not infected, he says.

Penalty: Bergen City Council President Roger Wallhammer (Labor) believes that punishing citizens for violating Corona rules is no longer proportional. Photo: Paul Shatun / TV2

Don’t punish anymore

Wolhammer hopes that Bergen will soon be in a situation where there is no basis for action, but at the same time he says they are not there yet.

– We must continue to control the epidemic until more people are fully vaccinated. At the same time, the city council believes that the actions you can take are disproportionate. Therefore, we continue all the activities that are regulated as recommendations, he says.

He emphasizes that this means that advice should be followed.

– In September we have to live with the rules of infection control. We may have to live with infection control rules until Christmas. Now we need to think about infection control, says Wallhammer.

Vaccine call

The municipality of Bergen has a good capacity to vaccinate its citizens, so the city council comes with a clear call.

– Get vaccinated for you, but for those who can’t or won’t work, says the mayor.

To see what recommendations are now in the municipality of Bergen, see She.

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