Activists from Destructive Rebellion Volume Ring 2 in Majorstown

Activists from Destructive Rebellion Volume Ring 2 in Majorstown

– Protesters block traffic on Major Crucifix from Kyrgyzstan to Somesgate. Police set up a barricade and diverted traffic, Oslo police tweeted after 13.30.

According to NTB’s photographer on the site, everything went smoothly, but the main entrance could not be used. A small group of protesters entered the building and sat on the ground in the foyer. Banners, a slightly larger group of protesters of about 150 people gathered outside the building.

Met the Minister of Petroleum

At the entrance, protesters met with Petroleum and Energy Minister Tina Brew (H). Their main message is that Norway should stop all oil extraction. Brew agrees with them anxiously, but does not agree with the methods used.

It is a pity that protesters come to civil disobedience, the group argues that democracy is the problem and will move power from elected organizations to where they believe is right, Brew says in a written statement.

– Therefore, I strongly disagree with their tools, but strongly share the concern that climate change and what it will lead to if it does not intensify the fight against it globally. If we disrupt democracy we will never win the fight against climate change.

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The operation began Monday morning in Frognerburg. Photo: Ali Jare / NDP

Sharp criticism

Some demonstrations were reported to police in advance, while others took place without prior notice. On Monday, police informed the NTB that they would do nothing until everything went smoothly.

By Thursday afternoon, most protesters had left the ministries and taken action in traffic. Among other things, before they could line up at Majorstukriset, they stopped Angerbrew.

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“We have confirmed that there are some protesters lined up at the intersection, so we have sent some teams there,” said Kathryn Silju, operations manager for NTB.

Environmental activists announced a number of activities in Oslo this week and began in Frognerburg on Monday morning.

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