Adams’ appearance in Turkish Rom-Com resurfaces amid bribery investigation

Adams’ appearance in Turkish Rom-Com resurfaces amid bribery investigation

NEW YORK CITY — The Turkish bribery scandal involving Mayor Eric Adams just got a whole lot weirder after a potential life-like piece of art emerged.

A snippet of Adams’ appearance in a Turkish romantic comedy asking for political favors appeared this week in a report New York City.


The report stated that Adams played himself in the 2017 film “New York Masali,” which translates to “Fairytale of New York.” In his appearance, two men ask him in Turkish to help add a floor to a house and obtain a permit for a restaurant.

“You guys are from Türkiye,” Adams’ character replies.

“Brooklyn loves Turkey,” he says, apparently referring to his then-role as mayor. “Brooklyn is America’s Istanbul. We love your food, we love your music, but I don’t understand Turkish.”

The inscription – which can be seen in Common clip By POLITICO Reporter Jeff Coltin – It ends with the trio taking a selfie.

Adams was not accused of wrongdoing by federal authorities who raided the home of fundraising chair Brianna Suggs last week. The raid was the result of an investigation into whether foreign money from Turkey was funneled into his 2021 mayoral campaign, as well as whether his campaign led to back benefits for a Brooklyn construction company and Turkish officials, the New York Times reported. mentioned.

The city’s mayor denied knowledge of any inappropriate fundraising activity.

However, as the title of the New York report stated: “Eric Adams has many ties to Türkiye“.

The report stated that Adams traveled to Turkey twice in 2015 alone, and once told a Turkish newspaper that he intended to buy a house in Istanbul. His campaign also received donations from employees of KSK Construction Group, a Brooklyn-based company with Turkish ties that was also raided last week, according to the report.

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