November 28, 2022


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Discoverys lansering av vinter- og vårprogrammet 2022

Adele Antonsen resigns from Konkan Befaler – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

– Adele Andersson exits the new season of “The King Commands”.And the newly recorded Christmas special will not air as scheduled.

writes the head of communications for Warner Bros. Discovery Hanne McBride in an email to NRK. He says that Antonsen has been open with them and the public and wants to take the necessary rounds with him.

– At the same time we agree that it is not right for him to work for us.

Sumaya Jirde Ali (24) said Anderson to the police after she was told she was “too dark” at a bar. On Friday, news came that the case was adjourned Dismissed for lack of evidence.

“Kongen befaler” is a comedy show that airs on TVNorge and Discovery +. Antonsson plays the role of the king there and in each program he gives strange practical tasks and challenges to the participants.

According to McBride, Discovery is now beginning work on finding a new program manager for “The King Commands.”

Not a fan of canceling content

McBride also writes that Antonsen will be seen on more channels in the future.

She has previously played roles in Christmas Calendars on Discovery+, which airs on TVNorge in December.

This applies to Espen Eckbo’s programs such as “Nissene over skog og hei”, “Nissene i bingen” and “Nissene på laven”, in which Antonsson plays the role of Bent Leekvoll.

Atle Antonsen (left) was in the Christmas calendar “Nissene i Bingen” broadcast on TVNorge last year.

Photo: Discovery

– These are popular Christmas calendars, each of which has Adele playing multiple characters. For those who love these calendars we think should be part of the Christmas tradition, write it down and include:

– At the same time, we understand that it is impossible for many people to be happy with them this year, like last year.

McBride says that in general they are not supporters of content cancellation.

– There should be room for forgiveness and asking for forgiveness from wrongdoers. At the same time, trust in the public is crucial to their experience of what service is provided. This, he says, is perhaps the most important consideration for us as broadcasters to make McBride.

Hannah McBride

Head of Communications, Warner Bros. Discovery Hannah McBride

Photo: Erik Johansson / NTB

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