Adele, Aurora and Kygo – VG

Adele, Aurora and Kygo - VG
East: Adele took the cordial invitation for a brand new profile picture in every sense of the word.

… In addition to newly covered disco music and feature film music: here is a selection of songs you can enjoy on the weekend.

Aurora – “Serving to Love”

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According to the main character, the first taste of Aurora’s upcoming album “The Gods We Can Touch,” which comes out in January, is based on Greek mythology – more specifically the myth of Prometheus, the giant who stole fire from the gods and gave it to us humans. Musically, this pop is uncomplicated, but very catchy, with vague echoes of everything from Blondie to Cocteau Twins baked into the hull. A typical single in the sense that the chorus seems anonymous at first glance, but grows with each listen. a hit? It cannot be deleted or ignored.

Jesper Jenset & Vinni – «Disco»

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25-year-old Bob Muldenser meets the 45-year-old rapper and competes on the dance floor “Shall We Dance?”. ‘Disco’ lives up to the title—it’s pricey, fluttery, and freshly covered, and Jesper Jenset has taken some audible, cheerful strides toward the glossy disco that has grown The Weeknd in recent times. Vinnie’s hair looks a bit surprised, and feels that two minutes and twenty seconds of the song is a bit rare. But the development bodes well for Jensen’s future.

Adele – “Easy On Me”

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On November 19, Adele (33 years old) released her much-anticipated fourth album ’30’, and her first single ‘Easy on Me’ is the British powerhouse singer’s first music label in five years. Rumor has it that “30” is a divorce album, without the grief and love problems it can be said to have been absent from volumes in this universe before as well. “Easy on Me” – a traditional piano-driven mid-tempo ballad – sounds professional and good, and of course Adele sings fantastically. However, it looks like something is missing here. Perhaps wanting to move an inch out of your comfort zone?

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Madrogada – “The World Can Fall”

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The third single from the comeback album, “Chimes at Midnight” is perhaps the song closest to Nordland’s “classic” expression — hard rock, small, sweeping, sweeping, dusty Americana. The band spends a lot of time elevating the song toward the final climax, the production is catchy and Sivert Høyem sings better than ever. The melodic similarity of the chorus to Chris Isaacs’ “Wicked Game” is a feature it shares with many other songs in neighboring genres, and thus it’s impossible to get excited about.

Kygo & X Ambassadors – “Undeniable”

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Bergen’s Tropical Pride continues the tradition of putting its orchestral songs into the hands of more orchestral singers – this time Sam Harris, the bearded man of US public pop rock band X Ambassadors. “I don’t go deep,” he sings, and it’s easy to agree. The first half, then – but still reminds us enough of “Higher Love” that Steve Winwood could have a case.

Michael Kiwanuka – “A Beautiful Life”

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Britain’s Michael Kiwanuka has released one of the best albums of 2019, and the Folksol singer is said to be working on a sequel these days. In the meantime, we present the movie “Beautiful Life,” which we wrote and recorded for the Netflix documentary Converge: Courage in a Crisis. Kiwanuka’s intimate, elegant songs have been featured in countless movies and series, and “Beautiful Life” explains why — in simple and effective means, it evokes a soundscape that vibrates with a quiet force. Go for the long version.

Faye Wildhagen and Christopher Low – “Fighter”

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More documentaries of the long-running genre, but this time we’re going back home to Norway and one of the sport’s great heroes alive. Aksel Lund Svindal – peppered with the title “Aksel” – is showing in Norwegian cinemas today, and the music was composed by Fay Wildhagen and Kristoffer Lo, the multi-instrumentalist perhaps best known for his time in Highasakite. It’s easy to imagine that “Fighter” would give an extra boost to vivid visuals in cinematic darkness, but as a standalone song it doesn’t quite work — the duo spend too much time getting too little done.

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