Adele Pietersen:- Tribute by Superstar after Massacre

Adele Pietersen:- Tribute by Superstar after Massacre

This coming Saturday, the stage is set for the final of the Melody Grand Prix, and we’ll find out who will get their ticket to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

There, veteran artist Adele Peterson (33) will perform “Masterpiece”.

However, the road to the finals was not only a cakewalk for Peterson, he was absolutely slaughtered in the finals by the Dolphins. NRK Critic Espen Borge.

“I already believe this will be the last time I hear this song, but if my luck is right, Adele will go straight to the top”.

The 33-year-old went straight up, as Borg predicted, and is now set for the big final.

Stick: Adele Petersen went to the final of the Melody Grand Prix – and took the opportunity to take a jab at NRK’s ​​reviewer. Video: NRK
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Superstar support

Peterson did not hide that the criticism was hard to bear.

– It’s crazy, of course. It feels unfair, but I think he should stand up for what he wrote. So, I hope we can stay away from personal attacks on Saturday,” the artist tells Talkblade.

Nevertheless, he received a lot of support – from somewhat unexpected quarters.

This week, a video of Eurovision legend Måns Zelmerlöw (36) arrived. Having topped the competition in 2015 with “Heroes”, she has been a great inspiration for the 33-year-old.

– Yes, a message from him simply ticked. I almost fell to the ground. It’s great that he brought Norwegian MGB Circus and this song with him.

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Final ready: Adele Pietersen will play in the MGP final next Saturday.  Photo: Ulrik Kramer/NRK/NTB

Final ready: Adele Pietersen will play in the MGP final next Saturday. Photo: Ulrik Kramer/NRK/NTB
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– Incredibly large

Peterson describes the Swedish artist as “the best Eurovision show ever”. That’s why I felt extra special with a personal greeting.

– Such a big person in this circus takes the time to congratulate like this, it’s incredibly big, he says with a smile, can be heard over the phone.

– So, never go wrong with Sweden’s support, because they know what they are doing.

The 33-year-old has made no secret that his biggest goal is to reach Zelmarlo’s level.

First, however, he needs to reach the grand final of the MGB.

Worst: In a new project called “Spice of Life,” Stian Philip pulls out a hidden camera, and the only person who can actually see it is artist and friend Adele Peterson. Video: Red Runner
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When Dagbladet spoke to him, Pettersen was sitting on a train on his way to Trondheim – where the grand final would take place.

– Nerves are very calm. I spent some time in my head because you love so much and so deeply. But I have to try to stay and be grateful that I get to enjoy it. That is the most important thing.

The artist points out that he is very grateful to have received enough votes to make it to the finals and is very excited to perform the song again.

– I will check on the day of the finals that I can control how I sing, whether I am dressed properly, my performance etc. After that, I can let myself get nervous about the outcome.

– But I’m hungry, I mean. A ticket to Liverpool would have been great, he concludes.

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