Afghanistan has called for a temporary ban on deportations from Europe

Neighboring countries Violence will increase

Afghanistan has called for a temporary ban on deportations from Europe

Deportation to Afghanistan

People greet each other at the airport in the Afghan capital Kabul (symbol image)

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The security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated since international troops began to retreat. The Afghan government has now called for the repatriation of rejected asylum seekers from Europe not to be brought into the crisis country for the time being.

D.The Afghan government has called on European countries to suspend deportations to crisis countries for three months. The repatriation of rejected asylum seekers is currently a matter of concern as violence by the militant Islamist Taliban escalates and corona infections continue to rise, the Ministry of Refugees said in a statement on Saturday. There are also concerns about the growing number of people seeking asylum abroad and fleeing the country.

Many European countries are deporting rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan, including Germany. A plane carrying 27 deported people arrived in Kabul on Wednesday. It was the 40th joint deportation in December 2016 after the first such flight. This means that the federal and state governments have so far deported 1,104 asylum seekers to Afghanistan.

Deportation to crisis country is controversial. Despite the start of peace talks in September, the conflict with the Taliban continues. The security situation has deteriorated since international troops began withdrawing from Afghanistan in early May. The Islamists have since captured a quarter of the country’s districts. In the process, they killed, wounded, captured or extorted hundreds of government officials.

UN According to data, between the beginning of May and the end of June, nearly 84,000 people were forced to flee their villages and towns into Afghanistan before the fighting. Every day civilians are killed at the crossroads of war, by roadside bombs or targeted killings.

Federal Foreign Minister Haiko Mass said on Monday that he considered the previous deportation process justified despite the escalation of violence. Bundeswehr left Afghanistan at the end of June. The Pentagon announced Tuesday that more than 90 percent of U.S. troops are withdrawing.

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