Afghanistan under Taliban rule – – starts rushing

Afghanistan under Taliban rule - - starts rushing

The Taliban surprised themselves and the world when they seized power in Afghanistan without resistance – and at record speed. This has led to fear among many Afghans Chaos at the airport In Kabul I showed it.

More than 18,000 people have been evacuated and fled Kabul since he took power, according to NATO and Reuters. Tens of thousands of people are now trying to escape the country, either by plane or by land.

Shirt: Satellite images reveal the chaos that occurred at Kabul airport after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. Video: AP
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– Everything is gone, everything that I dreamed of, everything that I worked for. My dignity, my pride, even my existence as a girl, my life – it’s all in danger, says an Afghan woman, According to the BBC.

Rumor has it

“The Taliban launched a crackdown on protesters in at least four cities in Afghanistan on Thursday and took them with them despite promises of amnesty,” he said. New York times.

Proud of the flag: Afghans raise the Afghan flag as they celebrate Independence Day in the capital, Kabul, Thursday. Will they be able to do so in the future, when the Taliban tightens its grip? Everyone is wondering about the future now. Photo: Reuters / NTB
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The protesters are said to have been met with force: the Taliban fired in the air and hit people to get rid of them, according to New York times, this writes:

“Once again, the Taliban’s infantry is undermining the message of their leaders of moderation in the brutality for which they have long been notorious.”

propaganda war

An expert and researcher on Afghanistan at the Chr Michelsen’s Institute (CMI) in Bergen closely follows the development, and confirms that there is now a media war and fierce propaganda going on.

– It is clear that the information that the Taliban are picking up weapons from people or suppressing demonstrators is causing fear. But it’s important to remember that it’s almost impossible to verify and verify information that comes out of the country now, says Strand.

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wants out: Military forces tell of desperate mothers who abandon their children in the hope that they will be rescued from Afghanistan.
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He notes that it is not unusual for many Afghans to wave the red, black and green Afghan flag on Thursday.

– It was Independence Day yesterday. Every year, the Afghans celebrate the expulsion of the British a hundred years ago. They have a strong and proud connection to their Afghan flag, Strand says, so the Taliban should make sure to replace it with their black and white flag.

evacuation: Kaisa Markhus is the Managing Director of Ascend Athletics and is based in Kabul. She was in Kabul when the Taliban seized power in the Afghan capital. Video: Magnus Paus
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I’m looking for Iran

The old government’s police forces disappeared when the Taliban captured Kabul. Now the Taliban are responsible for law and order in the country.

I see now a lot of negotiations going on about who will have an influence in the future. It is currently impossible to say what will result from this, but I have noticed that the Taliban say they should include other groups, such as minorities and women. He says it is very similar to the Iranian model.

Strand believes that the reason the ongoing negotiations have taken so long “suggests that the Taliban may be more responsive”.

– But we don’t know. But things are now starting to get urgent. He says the Taliban must create an administration and a people who can run the country.

At the same time, Strand notes that the Taliban were “strategic enough not to want to say anything else until the international forces ran out.”

– It’s just a matter of keeping up. Now it’s all quite fluid, says Strand.

Wants to get away: US soldiers make sure internationals and Afghans with the correct passport and exit ticket are allowed to leave Kabul.  Like this woman and child.  They do not dare to risk Afghanistan with the Taliban, as the group was when they last ruled, in the 1990s.  Photo: Agence France-Presse / NTB
wants to get away: US soldiers make sure that foreigners and Afghans with the correct passport and ticket to leave the country are allowed to leave Kabul. Like this woman and child. They do not dare to risk Afghanistan with the Taliban, as the group was when they last ruled, in the 1990s. Photo: Agence France-Presse / NTB
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