After 25 years, I have now replaced Google with something better

After 25 years, I have now replaced Google with something better

For a generation, Google has been my default search engine. Now a new service has been given a place of honor. The name is not ChatGPT.

We use Google for everything. It’s surprising that a small startup has managed to create a service that has become the default choice for our reviewers instead of the search engine giant with 174,000 employees.

The short version

Hey Google. After 25 years, it is in the spinal cords and on the fingers of more people than me. In fact, the popular company has a near monopoly on the highly lucrative online search market.

When ChatGPT arrived about a year ago, many wondered if it could replace Google. But the service will not be updated after 2021. For a journalist, it is absolutely out of the question that he will not be able to search for new information. In addition, the service is unreliable and does not provide resources. You never know whether you can trust this language model or not.

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