After all the scandals in 2023, it’s understandable that contempt for politicians is huge, says Eivor Evenrud in Ap – Taksavisen

After all the scandals in 2023, it’s understandable that contempt for politicians is huge, says Eivor Evenrud in Ap – Taksavisen

Comments on social media have been pouring in since it emerged that Erna Solberg’s husband Cindre Finns made 3,600 stock transactions while his wife was prime minister. Today, Labour’s Ivor Evenrudt put into words what many may be thinking:

“Contempt for politicians is huge right now, and that’s completely understandable,” He writes a comment on Facebook.

I’m a politician, but I feel it, and that’s enough for now.

Ivor Evenroot (Apr)

– You are a politician yourself, what were you thinking when you wrote this?

– I understand very well that people are tired after everything that happened this year. Now we are in the middle of one of the biggest scandals ever, an election is involved. It’s completely understandable that people can’t take it anymore. I am a politician myself, but now I feel enough is enough, says Evenrud to Daksavisen.


It began in June with Education Minister Donjay Brenna assessing his own skills in relation to board positions. This was followed by the then Minister of Culture and Equality, Anette Trettbergstuen, who was forced to resign as several friends were appointed.

In July, Rødt’s leader Bjørnar Moxnes was caught stealing sunglasses in Gardermoen, and a few weeks later it emerged that SP leader Ola Borten had bought shares in Moe Kongsberg Gruppen. Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (Ap) admitted at the end of August that she was disqualified in several cases because her husband bought shares.

Then, four days after the Conservatives held the fastest election of all time, Erna Solberg’s bombshell went off: her husband Cindre Finns had been buying huge amounts of stock throughout his tenure as prime minister.

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Experts are lining up to warn of the outcome.

– People are simply fed up with all the revelations, and Erna will have to pay the price anyway and sacrifice her life as a result. BI professor Becky Bron told Daxavisen on Friday that people simply cannot accept it and do not want to believe her, whatever the truth, after the scandal with the purchase of Cindre Fins sent the country backwards.

Eivor Evenrud agrees with Brønn. He believes it is difficult for politicians to regain people’s trust after so many revelations.

“If people at the top start behaving inappropriately, that’s scary for any community,” says Evenroot.

– You can build ten years of confidence and tear it all away in one day. If you do, it will take a long time to regenerate. For some, that’s simply impossible, he says, and he makes it clear that ensuring people have faith in elected officials is a cross-party responsibility.

– The basis of democracy is that we behave as others expect us to do. Building trust is a bit more complicated, and if it’s broken over and over again, it does something to people. Above all, it does something for the whole public opinion and the whole society.

A little credibility

It doesn’t make matters any better that the scandals that have surfaced so far this year have come from the actions of people sitting at the highest levels of politics.

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– There have been party leaders, there have been ministers, there have been high-ranking people. When it clears up there, it’s very serious, says Evenroot.

– Just imagine: it starts with Donjay Brenna, who questions his own abilities. Then it triggers a landslide, which ends with Erna Solberg, the leader of the Conservative Party, withholding such important information before the election for 20 years. Almost impossible to imagine. It’s absolutely wild, says Ivor Evenroot.

On Tuesday, the conservative party will present a deadline in the Solberg/Finns case, conservative vice-chairman Henrik Asheim told NRK. Ashim speaks Channel The chronology shows that the Conservative Party and Erna Solberg were well informed on the matter and that the full share list could not have been released before the election. According to Asheim, the review will also show that Solberg did not know the full list until Wednesday.

Almost impossible to imagine. It’s absolutely wild.

Ivor Evenroot (Apr)

A wealthy elite

In an interview with Peggy Brønn, a BI professor, she pointed out that several political scandals this year revolved around multimillion-dollar stock trading, which helps Norwegian politicians create an image of themselves as members of a privileged and empowered elite.

– One can quickly get the impression that Norway’s top politicians have so much money that they don’t notice that their spouse makes or loses a million here and there?

– Yes, it is absolutely impossible for the majority of people. In ordinary people’s finances, it is absolutely impossible to overlook such huge sums. Look at salary negotiations in working life and people are happy for a few pension points and a few extra kroner here and there. At the same time, someone at the top can walk away saying they don’t care about the millions in income. It’s not credible to people, says Ivor Evenroot.

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