After the SAS strike: – You must wait for the money

After the SAS strike: - You must wait for the money

Airlines passengers affected by the SAS strike this summer have thousands of kroner in their balance. It’s about getting back tickets they never used. It relates to additional expenses covered.

About 370,000 SAS passengers were affected by the strike and therefore it took additional time to process all the complaints and compensation claims received.

But many have to wait for the money they gave. Many are also waiting to be paid the so-called EU compensation of 250-600 euros, which is a kind of compensation regardless of whether you have real expenses.

Everyone gets

Everyone should get what they are entitled to, SAS Press Director Ton Sunde tells DinSide.

– Although we tripled our customer service staff during and after the strike, unfortunately it took a little longer to process complaints.

– Refunds for unused tickets are OK, but if passengers pay their own surcharge, claims for so-called EU reimbursement must be processed manually. We are working at full speed and we apologize that it is taking some time before everyone gets their money back, says Tonje Sunde.

The people have been good at finding alternate routes and taking care of all expense receipts. This makes it easier to handle the cases, Sund says.

lock: The Consumer Council says it’s more than just a refundable plane ticket. Video: Dagbladet TV. Program Director: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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Charter problem

Travelers with tour operator Apollo, which has been hit hard by the SAS strike, have been told they must wait up to eight weeks before they can get their money back. But now things seem to be going a little faster.

Long Processing Time: Apollo warns its passengers of up to eight weeks of processing time to get their money back. But in fact it should go faster. screenshot
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– When it comes to refunds for flights that have been completely canceled, it has been paid. Here there are some exceptions where we wait for account numbers from customers, says Beatrice Rivera, director of communications at Apollo, and continues:

– When it comes to reimbursing expenses, we work on it and expect to stay within the given deadline. This deadline is 14 days.

The Arab Contractors Rowing Club?

you can read All about what you are entitled to here.

Customers are entitled to a refund for the original unused tickets within seven days of the consumer’s request. This follows from Air Passengers Lawsays Consumer Council expert on travel law, Thomas Iverson.

Payment of other expenses, such as food and drink, new airline tickets, additional hotel stays and the like, in addition to the standard compensation has no legal deadline for payment.

But, like all other monetary claims, these claims are due once the consumer has notified the SAS. If SAS does not pay the claim, interest on late payment will accrue as of the 31st day after the claim is submitted. The current rate of interest on late payment is 9.25 per cent.

How to file a complaint

Most of the people who made their claims use SAS Who is this.

If you bought the ticket through a travel agency, you should use it Who is this.

However, there are no formal requirements for how claims should be submitted to the SAS. Although SAS encourages you to use the electronic form, both email and email can also be used if there is a need, says Thomas Iversen.

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