June 9, 2023


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Aftonbladet: – – A taxi driver was found hanged in the woods

A girl and three boys from central Sweden are under arrest on suspicion of killing a missing taxi driver.

This was reported by the Swedish media, including newspapers Express And Aftonbladet. According to the information provided to the latter, the driver should be hanged.

It is said that many teenagers are attached to each other.

– no relation ship

The victim, who is from Stockholm, was found in a nature reserve in the Hjälstaviken district outside Örsundsbro in Enköping municipality.

The suspects are said to be a 15-year-old girl, a 15-year-old boy – and two boys aged 16. The four had been in detention since April 13.

Convicted of killing Mads (18).

It is said that the taxi driver was most likely killed sometime between 24 March and 1 April. According to Aftonbladet, the victim was reported missing a week before this.

Teenagers previously got away with it. They deny any connection to the murder.

– We have to work in peace and quiet before we can come up with more information, Moa Blomqvist at the Public Prosecutor’s Office tells Expressen.

– A very unusual case

She further explains that the victim is an adult male, and there may be no relationship between the man and the four teens.

– It’s a very unusual case. It is not uncommon for so many young suspects to be arrested. We don’t have much prior knowledge about that, Blomqvist tells Aftonbladet.

Ana Karen, 53, disappeared in Gran Canaria

Ana Karen, 53, disappeared in Gran Canaria

It is currently unknown how the youth communicated with the taxi driver, and what was the cause of the killing.

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According to the sources of the radio channel P4 upgradeWitnesses were said to have noticed a snow-covered taxi in a parking lot near the crime scene.

Prosecutor Moa Blomqvist told Aftonbladet she believed the prosecution had sufficient evidence against the four.