June 10, 2023


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Against one’s own party: — Even the gods struggle in vain against folly

AP-MANN: Trond Mohn has criticized his party for refusing to investigate nuclear power in Norway until 2050.

GARDERMOEN (VG) Frp will fight for a civilian victory in the 2025 parliamentary elections to protect nuclear power in Norway. Labor supporter and billionaire Trond Moen is disillusioned with Labor over nuclear power.

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A year ago, there were no parties in Norway – apart from the FRP – with an offensive stance against nuclear power.

The party has given positive signals to the party this year.

– This is a very positive development in a period of many layoffs, including in Germany, says investor and billionaire Trond Mohn, who wants to contribute to nuclear power becoming central to achieving climate goals through Norsk Kjernekraft AS.

– We have had a good factual discussion in Norway. It’s a good start.

He says it’s important to be realistic about the timeline.

– I see some negatives as nuclear energy cannot contribute to achieving the climate goals in 2030. But beyond the 2030s it can actually contribute so that we can meet the climate targets by 2050.

Warning: Trand Mon says drastic measures are needed to save the planet.

Disappointment in Ape

But this week, a vote in the Storting showed a majority in the Storting consisting of Ap, Sp and SV. He says no For a proposal to explore nuclear power in Norway until 2050.

Europower writes Minorities: Høyre, Frp, Rødt, Venstre, MDG and KrF Norway will examine what preconditions and requirements for nuclear energy as part of the energy mix until 2050.

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Mohn himself was an Ap supporter, but could not align himself with the majority decision.

— Even the gods struggle in vain against folly, he says:

– But I think time is on our side, because everyone sees that drastic measures are needed to save the planet. It stands and falls on the politicians. If they go nuclear, we get it. In another seven or eight years, we can get nuclear power in Norway.

Thanks: During the national meeting on Saturday, Trent Mohn thanked the FRP in a digital post because they put nuclear power on the powerful agenda. – I am glad that the FRP has put nuclear power on the agenda. He added that we must respect that not everyone will accept nuclear power.

There could be a rematch at next weekend’s Labor party meeting:

Three district teams and several local teams want Labor supports nuclear exploration in Norway.

Industry Minister John Christian Westray chairs the editorial board. In an SMS to VG, he writes:

– Trond Mohn is an important industrial builder, whom I greatly respect. When it comes to political motion, the editorial board has submitted proposals and motions that come up for consideration during the National Assembly and will present its recommendations during the National Assembly.

They will fight

In the FRP, too, the party leadership has retreated: also in the presence of Stavanger mayoral candidate Leif Arne Moi Nilsen Struggled At last year’s party’s national meeting to get the party advocating for nuclear power plants in Norway “as soon as possible”, deputy leader Kettle Solveig-Olsen put her foot down and thought that was unrealistic.

But this year FRP’s editorial board wants to say yes to nuclear power in Norway. Kettle Solveig-Olsen tells VG that the FRP will fight the capitalist majority in Norway.

– I can confirm that we love, he tells VG.

Says yes: Kettle Solveig-Olsen backed out last year, but now wants to say yes to nuclear power in Norway.

– The world grew

Solveig Olsen insists that he has always been positive about nuclear power, but believes that the struggle to realize it is now more realistic in Norway than ever before.

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– I will not say that the world has changed, but we know how the world has developed. The system is inadequate for the external systems we have with our growing population, business and industry.

He believes it is more realistic both financially and practically because so many companies that want to build it have signed on. Facilities are small and modular.

KrF has decided to open up nuclear power in Norway.

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Come back: Leif Arne Moi Nilsen fought hard to get the FRP on the basis of a nuclear yes.

– Glad they remembered

– It’s good that they’ve come to their senses, says Moi Nielsen in Stavanger, who fought yes to nuclear power in Norway at the Frp’s national meeting last year, and laughs.

The party will formally consider the resolution on Sunday. Nilsson says he hopes the National Assembly will rally around a clear marching order.

– We like this, we need to start. It starts with knowledge and then you have to find locations.

Already a year ago, he suggested a specific area for a nuclear power plant: Mordavica in Rogaland.

– Here we can have it, I still think – absolutely. I still think Mortavica has a chance to finish in seven or eight years if the nuclear power plant is ordered.

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