Agree to go to the store and Vedum – Viji

Agree to go to the store and Vedum - Viji

Hurdle (VG) Labor leader Jonas Kahr Storey said he and the Center Party’s Drive Sloxwald had accelerated the process of a new government platform.


It emerged when the two met with reporters at the Hartalszene Hotel on Thursday.

SP and AB agree to go further, and then we expedite that process. Days are not wasted. I look positively at the government we can create through SP, the store says, emphasizing that SV is their natural partner in storytelling.

In budgets, it is natural for the SV to be a partner, but we take one thing at a time, we do not plan downhill skiing or cross country skiing. We must stand firmly on our feet. For me, as Trigway says, it is natural to take the order given to us as a starting point – a hundred orders want change.

On Wednesday night, it became known that the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party The government begins negotiations, After the same afternoon SV Abstained from voting With two parties.

– Should Labor have spent more time clarifying the painful threshold of the SV?

It’s about the basic political issues we discussed openly and honestly, the tone was good and there was no ambiguity, you can always go back and see if it should have been like this or not, says Store.

Both government comrades insist that the tone should be good and positive.

– Role says that one by one through a political area allows us to make a difference in developing the whole of Norway and reducing differences, tax and duty policies.

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– Now the SP and the Labor Party want to form a new government and start a new curriculum, and I hope the SV will support many of our plans.

The Labor leader insists that they too are working for green change.

– We are ambitious in bringing about climate change, but having a sharp recession on the shelf in Norway is the wrong climate policy. Here we must be honest to say that the center of gravity. This is the center of gravity we agree with SP, but the store says the SV does not agree and adds:

– Climate ambitions did not leave Hurdale with Lisbon.

On Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party reinforced the advisory tool at the hotel. Dozens of people from the parties are now trying to write the parties together in several policy areas.

– Now we do our job here, I would say create an ambitious platform, create an offensive welfare policy that combats differences, the store tells reporters.

Some SP and labor consultants already work with text projects, while others work separately in different rooms.

According to the plan, these consultants will work at the hotel over the weekend. This weekend, party leaders will work separately with the postal service before returning to the hotel on Monday.

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