AI chat comes to Google – ITavisen

AI chat comes to Google – ITavisen

Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that the company will be bringing Bard AI chat into the search engine. Bard is not available as a beta test in Norway yet.

Now Bard is coming to Google

Microsoft Bing beat Google at its own game by not only launching the AI ​​snapshot, but also integrating AI chat with ChatGPT 4 into its web search engine and into the Edge browser.

It goes without saying that Google wanted to do this, but it’s good that the head of Google now confirms it: “Will people be able to ask Google and take advantage of LLMs (“Large Language Models”) in a search context? Absolutely.” Pichai believes the opportunities are greater now than ever.

He reveals that the company is considering the possibility of sparking a real conversation so it can follow up with more questions in the same session. The company has previously only vaguely hinted at support in a “meaningful way.”

Google cuts employee offers

Unfortunately, Pichai doesn’t reveal anything else about the product in the interview, which shifts the focus instead to job cuts at the company. All major companies, with the exception of Apple, have had to lay off tens of thousands of employees after contracting the virus. Meta just announced more job cuts after 11,000 were laid off in November.

Pichai says Google has fallen short of its goal of becoming 20 percent more productive. At the same time, he did not want to talk about the possibility of further tours to reduce ranks.

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On the hardware front, the company is likely to unveil the Pixel Tablet on May 10.

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