Air strikes in Rafah hit camps for displaced people

Air strikes in Rafah hit camps for displaced people

Hamas said at least 35 people were killed. Israel confirms its responsibility for an air strike in the area.

The image is taken from a video, and is supposed to show the fire at the tent camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah on Sunday, Reuters news agency reported. Photo: Reuters

The attack hit tents for displaced people in Rafah, according to Hamas-run health authorities in Gaza.

They reported that at least 35 people were killed, many of them internally displaced women and children.

Pictures and videos circulating on social media show violent chaos in the camp, with strong flames and many mutilated bodies.

– They burned people alive, A person said to have survived the attack tells Al Jazeera.

According to Agence France-Presse, this girl was among those injured after the attack. She is receiving treatment in a Rafah hospital. Photography: Iyad Baba/Agence France-Presse

Israel confirms the attack

The Israeli army confirms that it was behind an air strike on the Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood in Rafah on Sunday.

According to them, the attack was targeting a Hamas facility.

We are aware of allegations that a fire broke out in the area due to the attack, and that a number of people not involved were injured. We are investigating this, They write on X At 11 pm on Sunday.

Palestinian doctors stated earlier, Sunday evening, that AP news agency At least 22 people were killed.

Ambulance crews affiliated with the Palestinian Red Crescent are working to transport a large number of dead and wounded after the occupier attacked the tents of the displaced near the United Nations headquarters northwest of Rafah, the organization said in a message on the X website.

Doctors Without Borders: – Terrified

Pictures taken by Agence France-Presse show wounded people receiving treatment in a Rafah hospital on Sunday.

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Doctors Without Borders reported that 15 dead and many wounded were transferred to a trauma center run by them with their support in Rafah.

We are horrified by this fatal accident, which shows once again that no place is safe. We continue to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, they write on X.

In a statement issued after the attack, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asked the international community to intervene “to stop the criminal acts and massacre in Rafah,” Haaretz wrote.

Israel: It was targeting terrorists

The Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood, where the attack was said to have occurred, is located about two kilometers northwest of Rafah city center.

This neighborhood is part of the areas that the Israeli army ordered civilians to leave earlier in May AP news agency.

The image is taken from a video, and is supposed to show the fire at the tent camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah on Sunday, Reuters news agency reported. Photo: Reuters TV/Reuters

The attack comes two days after the United Nations International Court of Justice ordered Israel to immediately halt the military offensive in Rafah, open the border crossing there to emergency aid and allow investigators access to the area.

Israel said it meant it The wording of the court order allows for military action in Rafah.

They claim that the attack that occurred on Sunday was based on intelligence information and that precision weapons were used.

They also wrote that they believed the attack was in line with international law, as terrorists were the target.

– He was targeting an area where important Hamas terrorists live, as they write on X.

In a new letter, they wrote that the attack led to the killing of two people in a Hamas office in the West Bank. According to the Israeli army, both are behind the attacks on Israeli soldiers.

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On Sunday, armed Palestinians fired rockets towards Tel Aviv for the first time in several months, with many of the rockets said to have been fired from Rafah in particular. AP writes. The armed wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks.

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