Airbnb offers free accommodation to 20,000 Afghan refugees – Dagsavisen

Airbnb offers free accommodation to 20,000 Afghan refugees - Dagsavisen

Airbnb plans to provide housing for 20,000 Afghan refugees. She announced the company’s president, Brian Chesky on Twitter on Tuesday. The company takes the invoice itself. Refugees write they will live in the properties listed on the site CNBC.

The company will partner with Airbnb hosts who want to offer refugees lodging for free, or at a reduced rate, with the company taking the rest of the bill.

“Although we have to pay for the accommodations, we would not have done so without the generosity of our hosts,” writes Cesky.

Cesky describes the crisis in Afghanistan as one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time.

– I hope this inspires others to do the same. “We have no time to waste,” he wrote on Twitter.

Chesky encouraged Airbnb hosts to contact him if they would like to host a refugee family and promised to connect them with the right people at the company.

– If you are willing to host a refugee family, get in touch with us and I will connect you with the right people here to make it happen.

The company has not confirmed where or for how long it will shelter the refugees, describing it as a “rapid development” situation. Instead, it will work to “collaborate with resettlement agencies and partners,” he writes Watchman.

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