May 24, 2022


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AirPods get real support for Find My

AirPods get real support for Find My

Apple announced several new features for AirPods users with iOS 15. These features include conversation enhancement for AirPods Pro and true first-time support for Find My. While users will be able to find lost AirPods using the exact search feature, iOS 15 will also pair AirPods with your Apple ID.

AirPods are associated with an Apple ID

Like AirTags, iOS 15 will use Bluetooth technology to locate AirPods when you’re just around the corner. This feature will be available for both AirPods Pro and Max and will also show the current AirPods location on a map, even when they’re not connected to an iPhone or iPad.

To do this, your AirPods will be linked to your Apple ID. Lost AirPods will still send the location to the owner via Find My Network, even if others connect them to a new device.

No activation lock

Even if AirPods are associated with an Apple ID, AirPods will not have Activation Lock like iOS devices. This system will be more similar to what Apple offers with AirTag. It’s linked to an Apple account, but it can be reset with a few manual steps. If you remove your AirPods, someone else can configure Find My Network, and it will no longer be connected to your Apple ID.

If you hold down the Noise Reduction button with the Digital Crown for about 12 seconds on your AirPods Max, you can remove pairing your headphones from the Find My app. For AirPods Pro, the steps are a bit more complicated, it requires you to keep your fingers on the speaker holes while pressing the button on the “stalks” a few times.

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Old AirPods are not compatible with Find My

These features are still being implemented and will likely require a firmware update for AirPods Pro and Max. 1st and 2nd generation AirPods will not be compatible with Find My network and Precision Finding.

Earlier this month, Apple released a new firmware beta for AirPods Pro that added Conversation Boost feature for those using iOS 15 beta. However, the Find My feature is not included.

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