Airthings launches a new air quality app –

Airthings launches a new air quality app –

Norwegian Airthings has attended CES many times to launch new products. They alternate between software and hardware, but this year there’s a brand new app that will be offered to new and old customers.

– We have nine employees here in Las Vegas. Some American employees and some from Norway are interested in both the consumer market and the commercial building air metering market. Airthings CEO Øyvind Birkenes says on the phone that the app we’re launching now that will replace the current app we’ve been working on for many years.

The application, which will be free for all users, will provide a better overview of how the air quality is in the rooms where the sensors are located. Airthings started with a unique sensor that measures radon. They have since combined this with sensors for a wide range of other parameters, such as carbon dioxide2volatile organic compounds, temperature, humidity and more.

The goal of the new app is to make it easier to get a good overview of air quality and how it varies over time. Now the different parameters are presented as a colored graph and with a higher resolution than before. The app provides an overview of all connected rooms, and will give tips on how to improve air quality.

People know very little about what they breathe

Perkins believes that most people know very little about the air they breathe indoors and points out that we breathe on average 23,000 times a day. Then it’s a good idea to have a cargo permit for the entire jumbo.

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– The app is designed to be able to expand over time, and we have big plans for that. Among other things, it must also show the outdoor air quality. It’s the data we get from the aggregator that can tell us what the outside of the house looks like. Then we can view air pollution data, pollen, temperature, weather and other data.

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