Aker Clean Hydrogen and Aker Offshore Wind Combine with Aker Horizons

Aker Clean Hydrogen and Aker Offshore Wind Combine with Aker Horizons

Today’s announcements will enhance Aker Horizons’ ability to accelerate the transition to green energy and the green industry, while maximizing impact and creating value, says Aker CEO and Aker Horizons CEO, Øyvind Eriksen, regarding today’s news.

Aker presented these plans today:

  • Acer Horizons swallows more offshore wind and clean turbid hydrogen
  • The plan is also to integrate Aker Offshore Wind with Mainstream Renewable Power
  • Will Aker Horizons Sale of Rainpower Holding’s portfolio turbid solutions

In two separate announcements on the stock exchange Wednesday morning, it was announced that Aker Clean Hydrogen and Aker Offshore Wind will merge with Aker Horizons.

Aker Clean Hydrogen and Aker Offshore Wind have become wholly owned subsidiaries of Aker Horizons, not their listed companies.

Aker Horizons stock fell more than five percent shortly after the exchange opened, but a few hours later the stock turned around and the stock rose about 0.5 percent.

Norway has all the prerequisites for building green industries, with access to both affordable energy and advanced technical and engineering skills, says Christian Roque, CEO of Aker Horizons.

Aker Offshore Wind shareholders will receive 0.1304 corresponding shares in Aker Horizons for each share held in Aker Offshore Wind. This is based on the average price from the last 30 days, and corresponds to NOK 3.01 per Aker Offshore Wind share. This is a premium of 6.9 percent from Tuesday’s closing price.

Aker Clean Hydrogen shareholders receive 0.2381 shares for each share held in Aker Clean Hydrogen, based on average price from the last 30 days. That corresponds to 5.49 NOK per Aker Clean Hydrogen share, a premium of 16.7 percent over Tuesday’s closing price.

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Upon completion of the merger, shareholders of Aker Clean Hydrogen and Aker Offshore Wind will acquire a total of 80.6 million shares in Aker Horizons, equal to 13.22 percent of the outstanding shares in the company.

It will accelerate the transition to renewable energy

“With the transactions and initiatives announced today, Aker Horizons has solidified its position as a leader in building industry-leading companies and developing integrated green value chains for decarbonizing energy and industry,” Aker Horizons wrote in a separate statement to the exchange to justify the reorganization. of renewable investment.

At the same time, Aker Horizons announced that it intends to merge Aker Offshore Wind and Mainstream Renewable Power.

The company’s goal is to make Mainstream Renewable Power a global leader in energy.

Aker Horizons’ expertise in developing attractive investment opportunities and world-leading projects makes it ideally positioned to collaborate with Aker Asset Management to bring financial capital closer to industrial expertise to accelerate the transition to zero emissions, says Aker Asset Management Director Yngve Slyngstad.

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In December, it was announced that Slingstad, a former oil fund manager, would lead Kjell Inge Røkke’s massive new investment in asset management. At Aker Asset Management, the goal is to build a fund of NOK 1,000 billion.

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