Aker, Oyvind Eriksen | Rødt-Mimir with a cheeky message to the rich: Here he gets an answer from Røkke’s right hand

Aker, Oyvind Eriksen |  Rødt-Mimir with a cheeky message to the rich: Here he gets an answer from Røkke’s right hand

Aker top Øyvind Eriksen has clear expectations for the new government.

FORNEBU (Nettavisen Økonomi 🙂 There is no doubt that Kjell Inge Røkkes Aker closely follows Norwegian politics.

A few days before the election, Chairman Røkke, CEO Øyvind Eriksen and host of group store Atle Tranøy wrote a post on DN With wish list for future business policy.

“Aker Horizons has big plans for the upcoming parliamentary session,” the trio wrote, among other things.

Included in the wish list are:

  • Increase government funding for the development of new green projects.
  • Fast politicians can be both driving forces and facilitators of the green transition.
  • The country should learn from the industry’s need to use digital technology and platforms, for example in the health sector.
  • Consumers must change their behavior, and the state must push consumers to change buying and consumption patterns through financial incentives. A carbon dioxide tax increase may be a necessary tool.

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– Rødt’s policy will not work in practice

Okonomi online newspaper meets Aker Eriksen CEO at the Pareto Securities Energy Conference in Fornebu. He says the expectations of the current government, which many expect will be made up of the Labor Party, the Center Party and possibly the Socialist Left Party, is that it sees the potential and facilitates a new industrial venture in Norway.

Then clarity is required in framework conditions and support schemes for hydrogen, offshore wind, carbon sequestration and offshore fish farming, among others. These are essential industries for us, says Eriksen.

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The Red Party held a by-election and increased support from 2.4 percent to 4.7 percent from the 2017 election to Monday’s election. This means that the number of red seats in the Norwegian Parliament has increased from one to eight.

The Okonomi online newspaper asked red-profile Mimre Kristjnojon to salute the Pareto Securities Conference on Wednesday, and got a critical answer:

– You can greet them and say the rich people’s party is over. Now is the time to pay for the welfare programs we all depend on if you have a high income, great wealth, a large inheritance or large corporate profits. Christianson says they have every reason to stay up at night.

Among other things, Rødt will increase taxes on the profits of the rich and corporations significantly. The party will stop all new wind power on land and at sea, and gradually stop private sales of planting permits. In addition, the party wants the state to buy listed companies such as Equinor, Hydro, Telenor, Yara and DNB.

Are you concerned that Rødt, which will dramatically increase taxes and nationalize parts of the business community, will have a greater impact on Norwegian politics?

Rødt’s policy will not work in practice. Because what is missing is the revenue side. Without revenue growth, no restructuring, says Aker CEO Eriksen.

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He says he is glad that industrial development and job creation were central to the political debate in the run-up to the elections. Eriksen points out that it is a good starting point for an ambitious industrial policy reunification in the coming years.

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Are you surprised that the Millennium Development Goals don’t seem to be able to break the barrier, given that climate was one of the biggest issues in this campaign?

– I have no opinion on the results of individual parties. I worry about the issues that the single party aspires to. We are waiting for the new government, says Eriksen.

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Concerned about the rise in electricity prices

In a panel discussion with Hilde Merritt Achim, CEO of Hydro, CEO of Yara Svein Tore Holsether and Kjetil Houg, CEO of Folketrygdfondet, Aker CEO expressed concern about rising energy prices.

In Norway, the price of electricity has been unusually high this year. Figures from Statistics Norway show aElectricity prices rose as much as 12.5 percent in AugustElectricity prices doubled in one year. international is Gas prices are too high. The price of oil also rose, and on Tuesday the price of a barrel of fuel oil reached about $74.

Many believe European electricity prices have not peaked this year, as the cold winter will require more electricity to keep warm.

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Eriksen, CEO of Aker, believes that there is a real risk that energy prices will continue to rise in the coming years.

In oil and gas, we have seen a massive underinvestment for many years now. In general, the price of carbon dioxide has remained stable, at least in Europe, and is rising. Going green will also require huge investments, says Eriksen and continues:

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– Eventually someone will have to pay for it, and it will affect electricity prices.

Where do you think the price of oil is headed?

– In Al-Akir, we stopped thinking about oil prices and other energy prices. But we plan to change the price of oil. This is why we must work in the most effective way possible, says Eriksen.

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