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Al Jazeera on Google Maps

Mysterious images were recently published on social media, of what looks like a black hole in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 2,000 kilometers east of the Australian city of Sydney.

The image of the “black hole” is now mentioned in the media around the world, including by independent And from the inside.

The black hole, which looks like a triangle, was split last week by a user reddit Who wrote: “This doesn’t look like an island.”

The post spread like wildfire and went viral on social media.

I think the island is being censored

In the comments section, many discussed whether the black hole was an island, a portal to another world, or a secret military base.

One Reddit user wrote that his first thought was that the image was censored. It didn’t make sense to the user that the formation on the small island was black in the middle.

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I found the answer

a lot of application Google Maps To find the black hole, which eventually turned into an uninhabited island.

In a simple search, Dagbladet finds the same thing.

The island belongs to the Republic of Kiribati, and is known as Vostok Island. The white outline is due to the fact that the island is surrounded by coral reefs.

The island appears black in the central part of the satellite images, as there are large trees in the center of the island that extend up to 25 meters into the air.

according to National Geographic Vostok is one of the five coral islands On the South Line Islands in the Pacific Ocean, they are rarely visited by humans.

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The archipelago in the Pacific Ocean has a very rich diversity of fauna, and Vostok was declared a bird sanctuary in 1979.

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