November 30, 2022


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Al-Kashif: He was a secret soldier

Al-Kashif: He was a secret soldier

Conor Kennedy, grandson of American politician Robert F. Kennedy, that he went to the front lines in Ukraine to fight. He writes it himself on Instagram.

The 28-year-old wrote that he was so upset when Russia invaded Ukraine, that he sought out the Ukrainian embassy in Washington to volunteer.

– I wanted to help. When I heard about the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, I knew I wanted to go. I went to the embassy to enlist the next day, Kennedy wrote on Instagram.

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– I only told one person who I am, and I told one person there my real name. I didn’t want my family and friends to worry and I didn’t want to be treated differently. When I enlisted, I had no prior military experience and wasn’t particularly good at shooting, but I could take heavy and learn quickly. I was also ready to die there. He wrote that they quickly agreed that I should be sent to the Northeastern Front.

being expelled: The video is supposed to show the Foreign Legion in Ukraine in heavy fighting near the city of Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine. Video: Telegram, AP. Reporter: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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Kennedy, who was among other things with star Taylor Swift for a short time, wrote that he had not been in Ukraine for long, before having to return to the United States.

– I loved being a soldier. It was better than I imagined. It was scary, but life is simple and the rewards for finding courage and doing something good are great. My friends there know why I had to go home. I will always be indebted to them for leading the way. I know I am fortunate to have been able to go home, but I will take advantage of all the opportunities I have taken again, writes Kennedy.

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He asserts that this war, like all others, is horrific.

– The people I’ve met are the bravest I’ve ever met. My fellow armies, who come from different countries, backgrounds and ideologies, are true freedom fighters. They are also the residents I met. Kennedy wrote that many of them had lost everything in their fight against the oligarchy and for a democracy.

This war will shape democracy for the next century. There is more to say about politics and the role of Western countries here, but for now, I just want to encourage everyone to help on a personal level, write more, encourage, for example, sending medical equipment and help at the border or joining the Foreign Legion.