Al-Nimsous, Al-Nimsous Health Center | Relatives thank you for all the care you have provided at Namsu Nursing Home

Al-Nimsous, Al-Nimsous Health Center |  Relatives thank you for all the care you have provided at Namsu Nursing Home

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until February My mother was a 75-year-old lady who took care of the house and the house, took care of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, baked the best chocolate cake in the world for all of my birthdays, walked the dog several times a day, was in a reading club and loved listening to audio books and watching movies. In short, she lived a good, active life.

Suddenly health began She was sick, and there were doctor’s visits and hospitalizations before it was discovered she had an aggressive, advanced form of cancer that required urgent care. It became difficult to stay at home, but my mother refused to end up in the nursing home. The media, with its intense reporting of how bad things are in aged care, has created a fear of what that will be. It turns out that this fear is unfounded.

From the very first moment She was welcomed with open arms. Coming from a sterile hospital (this photo may have been colored due to the sick condition of the hospital, the staff were lovely but busy), she came to rooms with curtains, pictures on the walls, flowers in the window posts, they even had beds that the patient herself could electronically put in (it wasn’t This is available at the hospital, and she had to get help there.) All rooms have a TV and there was also a meeting room and balcony where the residents could hang out. It wasn’t modern by any means, but it did feel a little more homey. I also heard that it is possible to order a pedicure.

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It was the first day On Friday, then they should eat pizza on Friday, and on Saturday they should eat porridge. The image that the media has created in our minds has suddenly changed. When we left my mom the first night, she really felt safe.

Meanwhile, you have My mom has been on both the short term and long term wards. Everyone referred to my mom by name when addressing her, which the staff is certainly trained to do, but it says a lot. It somehow felt more personal and close. One day, when we came to visit, my mother told us that she had cycled from Grong to Overhalla in the morning. And it turns out that they have a kind of exercise bike standing in front of a TV where they can choose different paths. There were some neighborhood walks for my mom, which she really enjoyed because she couldn’t go outside.

Ultimately lost Mama’s appetite, it was as if nothing tasted good anymore, though the food at Helsihauset used to be so good. The staff always tried to entice her with different things she could eat, so if there was something she wanted, they were quick to arrange it. If she got up in the night, they would come into the room and talk to her and caress her hand. We often heard my mother say: “The employees are kind and smart, and they don’t know what good they can do for me.”

Finally he falls asleep My mom was most often, but when she was awake she could suddenly crave some water, juice, juice, even beer (she only drank a few drops), and all was well. The former department staff asked us to say hello to our mother if they saw us coming to visit. My mum was very impressed with the surrogate who was going to study and came to her room to say goodbye before he left for the study site and another surrogate who was supposed to get the weekend to say yes in case he didn’t. We will not meet again. The staff always had time to answer our relatives’ questions, the process was also thoroughly explained before death, for us it was safe to know what was going to happen/could happen. They took care that my mother did not suffer.

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My mom wanted it Thank you for being so awesome, she wanted people to hear about something good about hospice care, so we’re writing this on her behalf. We understand that there may be others who have had very different experiences of elderly care in Namsos, but we want to share our experience, so the picture may be more accurate. The other wish was that we arrange this so that it is possible to donate to the health centre. We did this by entering Helsehuset’s account number into the obituary.

For us may This has been a difficult time, but knowing that our mother is well taken care of means a lot to us. Thank you very much, Helseyhauset Namsos.

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