Al-Yunusi criticized the use of the video assistant referee when canceling:

Al-Yunusi criticized the use of the video assistant referee when canceling:

Watch the position of VAR in the video window above!

Mohamed El Younosi did not sleep for many hours after the goalless international match against Latvia on Saturday night.

With 11 minutes left, Al-Younoussi thought he had sent Norway ahead, but the goal was disallowed for offside after a prolonged VAR check.

“I stay up as long as I can, then try to sleep when I’m tired, but as soon as I close my eyes I get a lot of pictures from the match,” Al Younoussi tells TV 2 the next disappointing day. -0 match.

See Holland and Norway in TV 2 And TV 2 play Tuesday from 20.30.

Not at the level of the Premier League

Repeated images were the cancellation of the video assistant referee. Al-Younsi wondered what he could have done differently, but he is also critical of the use of video assistant technology.

That angle on the offside goal wasn’t good enough. I also heard there was no level in the Premier League, that line from the foot to the defender and not from the shoulder… There was a lot with the goal left, and I thought a lot about that, but Al Younoussi says: I finished it when I woke up today.

National team manager Ståle Solbakken did not celebrate after the goal, as he immediately suspected it was offside.

– I also don’t think it’s an obvious science, but it can’t be used for anything now either. We got one in Turkey where it was “touch and go”. It was also VAR technology, Solbakken told TV 2 the next day.

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Note the details of Solbakken: – It smells like trouble here

It should be clear and distinct

Mohamed El-Younusi says this is the first time he has tested a VAR technology that has canceled one of his attempts.

If you’re going to drop such a goal, it should be clear and distinct, and it wasn’t so obvious, says the Southampton player.

– It could have been offside anyway if they find another angle, but the line isn’t one hundred percent. Now that’s done, and there’s nothing we can do about it, says Al Younoussi.

He is now looking forward to broadcasting Tuesday’s crucial TV 2 match against the Netherlands.

Those who have played should do a proper job of recovering and getting enough food, drink and sleep, so we are as prepared as possible. Those who have played less, they get a good session and should be prepared too, because we are going to need every man. We would have liked to have a few thousand Norwegians in the stands as well, but that didn’t happen. I’m sure Ståle will come up with a good plan, he says.

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