Alaska: – Killing of a classmate – Sentenced to 99 years in prison

Alaska: - Killing of a classmate - Sentenced to 99 years in prison

David Grunwald was last seen on November 13, 2016. He had spent the day with his girlfriend, driving her home around 18:30 pm.

After that, he called his mother and said he was planning to stop by his friend Eric Almandiger before going home.

Grunwald never returned.

At 11.45 that evening, his mother reported him missing, according to the report NBC News.

The next day, the 16-year-old’s car was found burnt out along a driveway in Bald Mountain Ridge in Talkeetna – about 20 minutes from the teen’s home.

The search began with more than 300 volunteers, as well as the Army and the Alaska National Guard.

– They keep their land as much as possible. “They are preparing for the worst, but we are praying for a miracle,” said the family’s private investigator, Brenda Paradise. NBC history line November 21.

The 16-year-old’s remains were not found until December 2 in an area called Knick River Road outside Palmer, Alaska.

At the same time, the police reported that a boy of the same age was arrested and charged with murder.

Four killers

On August 8, Eric Almandiger, 22, was sentenced to 99 years in prison for the kidnapping and murder of 16-year-old schoolmate David Grunwald in 2016.

Alaska Department of Justice writes in a press release.

The manager was convicted in 2018 after two years in custody.

Dominic Johnson, 22, and Austin Barrett, 22, were also convicted of the murder. Johnson, like the Mandiger, was sentenced to 99 years in prison – while the latter got away with 45.

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Bradley Renfro, 22, is still awaiting sentencing scheduled for this week.

All four had been in prison since 2016. All were 16 years old at the time of the murder.

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According to the press release, Almandiger was found guilty of nine counts – among them willful murder, kidnapping and arson.

The Department of Justice wrote that the 22-year-old, along with his three other friends, repeatedly hit Grunwald with a pistol and locked him in the bathroom.

Then they transported Grunwald in his own car, and took him to the Talkeetna Mountains, where they executed him. The teens then set the car on fire to hide their tracks, according to the press release.

Of the four boys, only Almandiger knew Grunwald.

– to torture

Judge Gregory Heath, in sentencing, said the abuse and murder were appalling and had no apparent motive.

Heath found that half an hour’s drive was emotional torture.

– David Grunewald was a 16-year-old boy who was deeply loved by his family and friends. Their lives have been ruined and thoughts about what David went through in the last hours of his life haunt them, District Attorney Melissa Howard says in the press release.

The verdict reflects the senseless brutality and calculated steps taken by the defendants to cover up the murder.

to me Anchorage Daily News The four boys were smoking marijuana when Grunwald arrived at the Almandiger house.

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– he was my friend

While the sentence was being pronounced, the mandigger broke down in tears when he said that he had killed his friend.

– I take full responsibility for Dave’s death. he was my friend. He was a good boy. I killed my friend. This is what happened. You killed someone’s nephew. You killed someone’s son. Almandiger said: You destroyed someone’s family, and at the same time I apologized to the family.

Grunwald’s parents left the courtroom when Almandiger spoke.

Despite the mandigger’s remorse in court, he caused problems in prison. The 22-year-old is said to have violated the rules several times and, among other things, was caught with a homemade knife and was in a fight with other inmates. It is also said that he attacked an officer.

The manager will be over 50 when he can apply for parole.

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