June 9, 2023


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Alessandra caused a stir in Europe

Norway’s Eurovision hopeful Alessandra Melly will sail as one of the most popular artists ahead of the world’s biggest music competition next week.

TV 2 previously discussed how the 20-year-old crushes his rivals when it comes to the number of plays on his official ‘Eurovision’ TikTok and YouTube channel.

Millie and the song “Queen of Kings” received a strong dose of praise from B.JBBC Critical News .

“An electric shock Euro-pop, with a baroque chorus that most artists would kill for,” writes the site, which also praises Norway’s contribution with its impressive singing voice:

The BBC reviewer wrote: “Alessandra also has the biggest vocal moment of the evening, hitting a high E note, which is essentially a note”.

Giving it all: Alessandra Mele and the Norwegian delegation are in Liverpool, working hard for victory. Photo: Magnus Nøkland/TV 2

– amazing!

When TV2 asked Alessandra Meili how she would react to the British review, she was very surprised.

– I didn’t know that, but he’s really cute! I wouldn’t have thought that a few months ago. For the BBC to say nice things about me is just: wow! Thanks!

The Norwegian-Italian artist also attracts attention for his openness. Highlighting The Queen of Kings’ powerful message about self-acceptance, the BBC relays a quote from the 20-year-old about her orientation.

“I’m bisexual and when I lived in Italy I had to hide my identity because some of my friends and family didn’t accept it. So I think it’s important to accept who we are, without caring about other people’s opinions.”

Her mother is her biggest fan

Millie told TV2 that it comes as no surprise to those closest to her that today she is being described as a role model.

– I remember talking to my mom a few years ago. We were in the car and I remember everything that happened. My mom is my biggest fan, and she said to me, “Alessandra, I know you’ll be a role model for so many girls and guys. Because you’re so strong. You dare say what you think, and you don’t care if people think it’s wrong.” I was fourteen and answered a little depressedly: “Yes, yes, mom.” But then you’re probably a little bit right about that, then. touch me.

CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Alessandra Meili as she appeared during the MGP Final.  In Liverpool, she appears in a brand new uniform.  Photo: Rodrigo Freitas/NTB

CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Alessandra Meili as she appeared during the MGP Final. In Liverpool, she appears in a brand new uniform. Photo: Rodrigo Freitas/NTB

The BBC is predicting Norway will finish fifth in the Grand Final on Saturday 13th May, and Alessandra Meli also ranks high on many international betting lists.

– I always got some attention

Eurovisionworld.com expects this Norway would finish in third place On the contributions they estimated would be in the top fifteen, only Sweden and Finland were beaten with the lowest odds.

In another betting list on the same site, about who bookmakers think will win Eurovision, Norway finishes in sixth place. Here, Sweden and Lorraine are at the top of the list.

– amazing! Then it’s just a matter of continuing to climb, Millie smiles.

– Many believe that you can win this year. What do you think that?

– We’re working for it.

Last year, Millie was on TV 2’s “The Voice,” but after winning the MGP in February, interest skyrocketed — internationally, too. She takes the commotion with overwhelming calmness.

What interests me most is writing songs and seeing people’s reactions to them. Attention comes with this. Without sounding “snobby,” I can say that I’ve always received some attention. It’s because I’m pretty extroverted, so I take some interest. It’s who I am now, and I’m dealing with it pretty well.

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