Alessandra is this year’s Eurovision – NRK Culture and Entertainment Queen of TikTok

Alessandra is this year’s Eurovision – NRK Culture and Entertainment Queen of TikTok

Alessandra is ready with “Queen of Kings” at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

And quite appropriately, she is now the “Queen” of TikTok.

She is the artist with the most shares on TikTok out of all the artists in the starting lineup. And things went very quickly.

– It’s pure madness for me. It’s my first single. And a year ago I didn’t even have TikTok. I didn’t use it.

– I like to talk

Alessandra was interviewed by the presenters on “The Turquoise Runner” during the opening ceremony in Liverpool. They wanted to hear what she had to say about her massive popularity on social media.

– Someone suggested I start using it, and I thought yeah, it’s a way to talk to people. And I love talking!

– Either you like it or not! Norwegian co says ESC.

Also shares about dobe searches

Alessandra burst out laughing when the presenters asked if there were any limits to what she wanted to share. Because inside there are videos of everything from pimples, to honest heartbreaks about insecurities and mundane searches.

– I didn’t want to show them the result of visiting the toilet!

But she believes it is important to open the door not only to the toilet but to the heart and soul.

– I think it is very important for you to show yourself. This is the most important thing to me about the song and TikTok. Recognition. People will get Alessandra, whether they like it or hate it.

A very important marketing channel

TikTok has become very important to artists and record companies. Especially in the pop segment and especially if you have ambitions to reach the global market.

This is what Daniel Nordgaard says, Associate Professor of Music, Digitization and Music Industry, University of Agder.

– TikTok is a very important marketing channel, and at the same time an essential platform for a very important part of the audience – the youth -. That is, it is a way to discover music and a place to listen to music.

Alessandra Mele on Tiktok, screenshot of the videos she posted.  The picture shows ways with different videos in social media.

Nordgaard explains that numbers that can be linked to other numbers are also of great value.

Because it can be linked to algorithms that can transfer success from one platform to another. For example, from TikTok to Spotify.

The song “Queen of Kings” so far 42 million plays on Spotify

NordgÄrd has some thoughts on why Alessandra is doing so well on TikTok.

Her TikTok profile is very active and contains a lot of content. In addition, it is perhaps helpful that she is building a profile within a phenomenon that has a European and global scope. It has its own music and content, and at the same time it is associated with a phenomenon larger than this – the Eurovision Song Contest.

Competition against the previous winner

Tuesday is the semi-final of the music competition and Norway will struggle to reach the final on Saturday.

This stadium is clearly the strongest in the semi-finals and many of the biggest favourites, for example Sweden and Finland, are included.

But for now, Alessandra is winning over social media.

Her videos have gone viral 9 million Like clicking on TikTok. By comparison, Swedish competitor Lorraine has it 2.3 million likes “only”.

And winning the TikTok battle is a victory in itself, says Swedish ESC expert Tobbe Ek (Aftonbladet):

– It is good and important to attract a younger audience. Eurovision and competition are one thing, but it’s about having long-term success afterward. And you don’t have to win to make it happen.

Video: Lauren, who managed to make history by winning for the second time, made Alessandra “starstroke” on the turquoise runner.

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