Alex Jones sentenced to pay at least $4.1 million – VG

Alex Jones sentenced to pay at least $4.1 million - VG
In court: Alex Jones explained himself in court on Wednesday.

The trial continues on Friday and then it will be decided whether Jones must pay an additional $75 million in damages.


Twenty students and six adults were killed in a school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

Alex Jones is a well-known conspiracy theorist who claimed that the shooting never happened.

He made allegations on InfoWars that the school shooting was carried out by actors.

Parents of murdered children have been harassed by Jones’ supporters for several years. They talk about threats, attacks and shootings at homes and cars.

Therefore, the parents of one of the murdered children went to trial and have now won.

It’s clear Jones’ time on the American stage is finally coming to an end, says attorney Mark Bankston, who represents my father CNN.

The trial lasted for two weeks and is taking place in Austin, Texas.

Parents: Neil Heslin, the father of the six-year-old, was apparently moved when he testified during the trial on Tuesday, August 2.

When Jones explained himself in court on Wednesday, he said it was irresponsible to claim the school massacre was a hoax.

He stressed that he is now convinced that the massacre did indeed take place.

Punishment can be much harsher

On Thursday, the jury decided that Alex Jones must pay at least $4.1 million in compensation to relatives after the 2012 school shooting. This is the first part of the verdict.

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On Friday, the jury will decide the parents’ $75 million “punitive damages” claim.

This is an additional penalty if the court finds the defendant’s actions or behavior to be particularly harmful, plus $4.1 million in damages.

The parents of the six-year-old initially demanded $150 million in damages.

Witnesses: Mark Bankston, the parents’ attorney, questions Jones during his August 3 testimony.

I requested messages from Jones

While Alex Jones’ trial was ongoing, the January 6 commission requested letters and emails from Jones.

It was recently revealed that lawyers representing Jones mistakenly sent text messages from Jones to lawyers representing Sandy Hook victims.

The text messages were said to have revealed that Jones had lied in his statements in court.

Jones has reportedly said he never sent text messages about the shooting of Sandy Hook in 2012, but the messages likely show that’s not true.

Alex Jones allegedly used his network to spread information about the storming of Congress on January 6, 2021, writes The New York Times.

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